Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Today we did some spring cleaning around the house. Brad cleaned all the windows in the house...what a man!! Yes, everyone, my husband does windows. He did an excellent job of it too. When we drove up to the house later on today the windows just sparkled.

The grandparents kept the girls this afternoon so we could get things done. While Brad worked on the windows I did the laundry and got out our Easter decorations. The house looks cute with all the little bunnies and chicks set out on the tables. I still can't find a box of decorations though....I talked to my mom on the phone tonight and she said I have a box of things down there still. How funny is that?

Brad and I also made a run to Wally World since we didn't have the girls. We got their Easter presents and candy. Got everything we wanted to get them but a big stuffed rabbit. The Easter bunny brought Kenzie a HUGE pink rabbit last year, and we were hoping he'd bring Lyanna one this far no luck.

I made a wreath for our door out of plastic eggs. It's pretty cute. The girls were pooped when we picked them up. They watched some Baby Einstein and were ready for bed! Got to get up early tomorrow because I'm playing handbells...oh boy!

This video is for Nathan and Daniel, my brothers. Hope you enjoy!! The site this clip is from was sent to me by my good friend Bellie. Thanks Bellie!!!

Okay for some reason the video clip wouldn't load up so here is the linky poo:


Terhune said...

Hmm...for some reason the video you posted from Belle doesn't want to load up or something...

LeeAndra said...

I fixed it...couldn't get the video to play on the bog so I linked to the video.