Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little Something to Beat the Winter Blues

Here is what I was doing the first weekend of December. Wheee!!

Where Have I been?

I started this way back before Christmas.... never finished, but thought I would share to let you know I've at least tried to post at times....


Twas the week before Christmas and all through my crib
The noises were deafening
The cats had all hid.

The girls were both screaming
they had caught a slight cold
it was time for a nap,
there was laundry to fold.

And I in my T-shirt and
favorite sweat pants,
was craving a shower, would I
get the chance?

The contractor was down in the
basement below,
He'd turned off the water
The shower was no go.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Manic Monday: Ornament

Okay so it's Tuesday....that's why my Mondays are Manic.

Here are some photos of ornaments on my tree. Thought I would share them with you. We all have those special ornaments on our tree that have a story or special meaning behind them, but how often do we get the chance to share that history with others. Here's a chance to share with you and I'm taking it.

This looks like a Hummel but is not. It is probably one of, if not THE oldest ornaments on the tree. It hung on my Memaw's Christmas tree for as long as I can remember back. There is a little pull string on the bottom and the music box ornament plays "Make Someone Happy". My grandparents made me so very happy when they gave me this ornament last year. My Grandaddy hid it in my suitcase when we were at the airport getting ready to fly home last year after Christmas. I found it after I got home. I cried....

This ornament is from 1976. One of my mom's best friends made it for least I think she made it. Pooh was my nickname when I was little that is why it's on the ornament. Can you believe this little ceramic Santa has made it this long?!

I made this blue and white star sometime in the early 80's. My church youth handbell choir made these bead ornaments for Christmas one year as a fund raiser. We would go to a HUGE national English Handbell Ringers Convention every other year. We sold these to help us get there that year. I can remember sitting at the tables at church stringing these together with our choir director. She drove me crazy because she was Hard core! It's bitter sweet remembering her...she died in a car accident when I was around 14. She was probably the best choir director I ever had.

This is E. T. My parents bought this ornament for me. It is a family inside joke....I'm not even going there because it would be embarrassing for me to tell you.... I like this ornament though, it's cool how it connects to a light to make the moon shine.

This is one of the newest ornaments on our tree. My cool ass husband bought this one for me last year. It is Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker dueling. It is also from my favorite scene of Episode III...when Obi Wan is screaming at Anakin and telling him he was supposed to be the chosen one. I cry every time at that scene....I'm such a geek. This ornament has awesome lights and sound bites from the movie.

There you have them. Hope you enjoyed my stories and my ornaments.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bats: A Disclaimer

I feel that I need to make some things known about the story "Bats". From the comments I have received from all of you, I have come to the conclusion many of you believe the story to be one of fact.

It is in "fact" a story of fiction. Yes, I did take those photos, and yes those are three foot bats....give or take an inch or two. They do reside in the Asian or African exhibit at the Colombus Zoo, but they were not captured at my home.

I have not met Jack Hannah in person, *how awesome that would be though*. I just have a good imagination and it would seem a persuasive way with the word.

Sorry if I mislead any of you, it was just a fun story I made up.