Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tongues and Children's Sermons


in circles through each doorway,
to the next.
Searching -
one thought into another
doubling on themselves.
Pushing -
butterflies helf prisoner,
aching for the sky.
Crying -
"Be still", but they or I don't listen,
we're too busy.
Struggling -
to reach that precise moment
that instant in time

When the circle is broken
and we are set free.

Lyanna found her tongue today. Well, not really found but realized she had one. It was so funny. She started sucking on it and pushing it up over her upper lip, then making this raspberry noise. Then she would giggle at us. She is just getting to be a real little person. It's amazing how fast they change and you don't even realize it's happening most of the time.

Kenzie went up for the children's sermon in church today for the first time! I wouldn't have let her go by herself up there. I don't really think 18 months is quite old enough for her to be up there, but the nursery worker carried her up there and sat with her. She (Kenzie, not the nursery worker) did really well. She ran up and down the altar rail once, then went up to Pastor Steve and gave him a big hug around the neck. She adores Steve. He is not only our pastor but Brad's best friend as well, so she is around him quite a bit. Every time she sees him she runs up and bear hugs him around the neck. I don't think he minds too much.

Not much else going on today.. I took it upon myself to clean out the van. It really wasn't that bad, just a bunch of empty water bottles and paper. Some toys in there that needed to come back in the house. Took the girls for a walk down by the river. It was a beautiful sunny, clear day but a little cold and windy. I had them bundled all up with hats and blankets. They love going outside though so they didn't mind. Lyanna actually fell asleep.

Brad fixed the gates in the house so Kenzie can run around in the kitchen without getting into the dining room or the parlour. It's nice cause she always wants to grab stuff off the tables and bring it into the we don't have to chase her around. Ha ha!


Terhune said...

I am glad to see that my niece has began to master one of the skills that all children need.

The Raspberry.


sherryandkaty said...

That little bald head is so cute! Ah, the milestones we see that are so cute to us now won't be so cute when they're 14!

Nickey said...

Anticipation is awesome! I love it.