Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday shall now be FOOD DAY!

I have totally ditched my diet since Brad is gone. Went to the dreaded evil vile place called Mc Donald's tonight and got a Hot Fudge Sundae. Why is it that their sundaes taste so freaking good to me. There is probably nothing that is real food in there....all super processed, chemical, lab created stuffage. It's probably full of addicting chemicals, just like with cigarettes...McD's just doesn't want us to know.....*creepy music plays*.... I have watched Super Size Me so many times it's ridiculous. It's just amazing to watch that guy's body change so dramatically over one month. Since watching that movie I think I have eaten at Mc D's three times?? It just really grosses me out now...and I'm trying to save up for when the girls get older. You KNOW they are going to want to go and eat there all the time. I can already hear the chorus of "Mom can we get a happy meal?" coming from behind the driver's seat.

And whatever happened to the McDonaldland Cookies???? When Happy Meals first came out, you got a burger, fries, COOKIES, and a toy. Now there are no cookies... why? I dont' know a kid who doesn't like cookies. Where did the cookies go? Why aren't they in the Happy Meal anymore? Inquiring minds want to know...

So... Brad is gone til tomorrow. He flew down to Arkansas so he could work the Rolling Stones concert. How cool is that? He does light rigging for concerts. A neato kind of job, specially when you get to watch the Stones. He is supposed to bring me home something cool from the show. I am home alone with Lyanna. Kenzie is staying with the grands. YAY!! Two nights in a row. It's been nice and quiet at home.

Susan *MIL* and I went to the mall today and shopped. Took the girls with us. I bought myself some socks.....I finally get out and go shopping with another woman and I buy socks. SHeesh! I bought Brad something, Kenzie something, Lyanna something.... I am pathetic.

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