Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Today we did some spring cleaning around the house. Brad cleaned all the windows in the house...what a man!! Yes, everyone, my husband does windows. He did an excellent job of it too. When we drove up to the house later on today the windows just sparkled.

The grandparents kept the girls this afternoon so we could get things done. While Brad worked on the windows I did the laundry and got out our Easter decorations. The house looks cute with all the little bunnies and chicks set out on the tables. I still can't find a box of decorations though....I talked to my mom on the phone tonight and she said I have a box of things down there still. How funny is that?

Brad and I also made a run to Wally World since we didn't have the girls. We got their Easter presents and candy. Got everything we wanted to get them but a big stuffed rabbit. The Easter bunny brought Kenzie a HUGE pink rabbit last year, and we were hoping he'd bring Lyanna one this far no luck.

I made a wreath for our door out of plastic eggs. It's pretty cute. The girls were pooped when we picked them up. They watched some Baby Einstein and were ready for bed! Got to get up early tomorrow because I'm playing handbells...oh boy!

This video is for Nathan and Daniel, my brothers. Hope you enjoy!! The site this clip is from was sent to me by my good friend Bellie. Thanks Bellie!!!

Okay for some reason the video clip wouldn't load up so here is the linky poo:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I should have saved something from yesterday to write about today. I don't feel like I have much to talk about this evening. We are going to have some landscaping done on the yard. It will be where we have a huge steep embankment on the side of the house. It will look nice and will incorporate the fish pond into the design. I can't wait! The guy came by today and said they will probably get working on it next Wednesday!! I will have some flower beds and a place to plant some veggies this summer, YAY!!

Brad is happy because he won't have to kill himself trying to mow the steep hill. Which also makes me happy because I don't have to sit inside wondering if he's flipped the mower every time he mows. It's a win win situation. We are just considering it our anniversary present to each other.

Oh wow, I got both girls to go to bed at THE SAME TIME!!! The Fisher Price Aquarium crib thingys that hook on the side and play music and have the little fish that go round and round....are AWESOME!! I can turn them on in both girls' cribs and it seems to just hypnotize them. They are out in 5 minutes with no crying! Whoo hooo!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sooo Much to Write About Today

I have alot on my mind today...but first things first. It is Food Day, so what am I going to discuss foodwise today? How about what is sitting on the desk in front of me at this very moment.

An empty box of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams and a bottle of water. These Teddy's are one of Kenzie's favorite snacks. I have to admit they are pretty yummy in the tummy. I like them better than the choco chip kind. The reason this box is empty is because I decided to eat the last 15 or so that were in the bottom. Not much of a snack but I wanted something a little sweet. The water is just plain ole bottled spring water. We drink the bottled water here because of the chance of getting some kind of freaking weird chemical in the water from the tap.

Believe it or not, this is the most polluted area in the whole freaking United States...yes that's right folks...I moved and started a family in Marietta, Ohio, the armpit of America when it comes to clean air and clean water. Ugh!!! Check this out:

I had a really weird experience yesterday. I had to stop and get gas in the van and I wanted a regular Coca-cola to drink. I was craving one so bad it was not even funny, so I decided to pay inside instead of at the pump. When I went in, I really noticed all the the cigarette smoke, candy, body funk, gasoline, nasty ass food that has been sitting in some kind of heated box for hours on know those smells. I also noticed all the different type of people that were in there and it made me smile. You might think that is a funny thing, but I realized something as I was standing there with my over priced Coke. I hadn't been inside a real gas station in two years. Two years!! I have always paid at the pump or been too preggers to drive or get out of the car when we have stopped. Isn't that amazing?! Just one of the many every day ordinary type things that I've missed out on for so long. Like I said, weird.

Last night was Lyanna's first night to spend away from me. She spent the night with the grands!! I had a whole night of potential uninterrupted sleep. Of course I woke up wondering why I hadn't heard the baby and panicking. I almost got up out of bed to check on her...but I remembered where she was before that could happen, thank goodness!! I still got up at 8 though. She did really well, so the grands said they will probably start taking both girls once a week overnight! Once a week I will have a good nights sleep!! YAY!!

Kenzie was the cutie patootie tonight. She was walking around the kitchen with her Daddy's shoe on. Just one shoe and it was sideways on her foot. I got some pictures of her it was too funny to pass up.

Oh, and here is a blast from the past. Kudos to DinerGirl for finding this video. Made me smile and get all nostalgic and stuffage. HEY YOU GUYS!!! it's the Electric Company.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Lyanna sat up all by herself for the 1st time today!!! She was so cute when she did it. She was playing with this ball on her blanket and the next thing I knew she was sitting up, banging on it with her little hand. She is getting so close to crawling it's not even funny. Probably just a matter of days now. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth..she can move backwards but can't seem to get going forwards. I call it "crawdadding".

Kenzie is the little verbal sponge. You can tell her anything and she will repeat it..which is kind of scary at times. Usually she will have the name of something down after saying it twice. It's amazing how fast she learns. Her newest "cute" thing to say is "WASUP", and she uses it at the appropriate time. As in: Hey Daddy, wassss up? Brad nearly lost it when she said it to him for the first time.

That's the update on the girls....moving on..

So, it's officially the second full day of spring. It has snowed all day today. Stayed in and played with the girls. Didn't do anything special... did some emailing back and forth with some friends. That's about it. Got me thinking about some things:

Why do some people feel like it is their right and privledge to tell others how to do things? Why do they feel they have the right to criticize and judge others? I just don't understand it. A complete and utter stranger will come up to you and tell you that you are an embarassment and rude. *this wasn't to me, just to clear that up right now* Or they will tell you how you should be taking care of your children...this is according to their way of thinking. Heaven knows if it's not done their way it's got to be wrong. As long as no one is getting hurt shouldn't be a problem right?.....I dunno some people are just not happy if they can't complain about something..and some people are just not happy.

*sigh* I want a peanut butter/hot fudge sundae from Sonic.......

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lunch with Friends and Movie Musings

Went and had lunch today with some friends from my Mom's group. that is me in the back in brwon. Dana and her son Wes on the left, and Pamela and her son Evan are on the right. You can't see my children because they are stuck in their stroller at the end of the table. HA! We had a great time...believe it or not the 6 of us with around 12 kids had a nice lunch and the kids were very well behaved. I tried to be good and had a portabello mushroom sandwich....but then I saw the deserts. I'm not even going to go there today. I forgot to weigh myself this morning for my Monday weigh in with the girls. I guess I will have to do it tonight.

Here is a great picture of Pamela, Evan and her daughter Elisa.

Tonight we were watching The Wizard of Oz with the girls and I started thinking about the wizard.. .. You know he wasn't a very nice man at all. I don't care how the movie tries to portray him as this sweet little lost fair performer, he is a bad person.

First of all, he starts out as a State Fair performer.. even before he makes it into the story . He is supposedly a Hot Air Balloonist. Obviously from what he tells Dorothy and her friends, and from what we witness when he flies away without her, he didn't know what he was doing. *and that's why he ended up in Oz* He was making money ripping people off at those fairs!

Secondly, he lets the people of Emerald City believe he is a Wizard. He never tells them he isn't, but he never corrects them of their error either. He has this elaborate set made up to scare everyone, and hides behind that stupid green curtain. So, as a wizard he is a failure as well.

I believe he is worried that Dorothy and her friends are going to "bust him out" or they are going to get the Wicked Witch of the West on his case so *and this is the most evil thing of all that he does* He sends them to certain DOOM. He KNOWS that their chances of getting the witche's broomstick are slim to none, yet he sends this young naive country girl to do just that. Dorothy is just lucky that she gets away. See , EVIL!! What kind of person would send a lil girl to her doom?

They come back and he is busted to save face with the people of Oz he high tails it out of town before they can find out he is a fraud..because you KNOW Dorothy was gonna tell on his ass! I would've...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tongues and Children's Sermons


in circles through each doorway,
to the next.
Searching -
one thought into another
doubling on themselves.
Pushing -
butterflies helf prisoner,
aching for the sky.
Crying -
"Be still", but they or I don't listen,
we're too busy.
Struggling -
to reach that precise moment
that instant in time

When the circle is broken
and we are set free.

Lyanna found her tongue today. Well, not really found but realized she had one. It was so funny. She started sucking on it and pushing it up over her upper lip, then making this raspberry noise. Then she would giggle at us. She is just getting to be a real little person. It's amazing how fast they change and you don't even realize it's happening most of the time.

Kenzie went up for the children's sermon in church today for the first time! I wouldn't have let her go by herself up there. I don't really think 18 months is quite old enough for her to be up there, but the nursery worker carried her up there and sat with her. She (Kenzie, not the nursery worker) did really well. She ran up and down the altar rail once, then went up to Pastor Steve and gave him a big hug around the neck. She adores Steve. He is not only our pastor but Brad's best friend as well, so she is around him quite a bit. Every time she sees him she runs up and bear hugs him around the neck. I don't think he minds too much.

Not much else going on today.. I took it upon myself to clean out the van. It really wasn't that bad, just a bunch of empty water bottles and paper. Some toys in there that needed to come back in the house. Took the girls for a walk down by the river. It was a beautiful sunny, clear day but a little cold and windy. I had them bundled all up with hats and blankets. They love going outside though so they didn't mind. Lyanna actually fell asleep.

Brad fixed the gates in the house so Kenzie can run around in the kitchen without getting into the dining room or the parlour. It's nice cause she always wants to grab stuff off the tables and bring it into the we don't have to chase her around. Ha ha!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Okay so it was really yesterday. I know I know, but we went to a party and didn't get home til after midnight. I had to rock the baby back to sleep and then Brad passed out on the bed with no sheets on I had to put covers on my pillows and find someway to sleep in the bed on some blankets because I HATE sleeping on the bed with no sheets.

We had a really nice St. Patrick's Day. I got the girls up early and we got our breakfasts in early and I had my exercise done by 9 a.m. Kenzie fell asleep on me around 11:3o so I even got a shower in before noon! When the girls woke up, I got them ready and they went to grandma and grandpa's!!! Kenzie was spending the night again; we had to go and pick Lyanna up when we came home from our party.

Brad came home from work and got in the hot tub. I actually got caught up on some of the laundry...but as you read up in the first para. I stripped the sheets of our bed and didn't get them put back on...much to my disappointment later on in the evening. We went to a party at our friend Steve's house.

Steve embraces his Irish heritage whole heartedly! It's so much fun to go over there and hang out on St. Patty's. We had homemade Guiness Beef Stew, Irish soda bread, Irish Beer, and lots of sweet deserts! Oh yeah, I had made a cheese cake to take over there. Last year when we went I was so pregnant and I got sick and had to come home early. This year I was so looking forward to going!

There was a good turnout and we soon settled down in the living room and chatted with our friends. When everyone had a pretty good buzz going we broke out the games, or I should say THE game. We played Shout About Movies. It is soooo much fun. I like it cause I am such a big movie buff. Brad calls me the Queen of Useless Knowledge.....HA! He knows alot of movies too though.

Left the party around midnight so we could pick up the "lil baby" and then came home. A very nice time!

Today: The baby actually slept until around 9 this morning. She was so cute when she woke up. She has this aqarium crib toy that had a rolling crab on it. She just smacks it and it rolls around and around. She loves it. It makes this whrring sound when she does that is what woke us up this morning. Brad had this crazy look on his face and asked me "What IS that noise?" I had to laugh. Sooooo cute!!! Then we got her and she came and played in the bed with us.

Kenzie came home around noon and we all had lunch together before she went down for her nap. Brad was feeling a little under the weather from the party last night so he took a nap on the couch while I watched Revenge of the Sith. Because I am a Star Wars freak..I always cray during that movie. I hate it when Anakin gets manipulated and turns to the Darkside... I'm a dork I know.

Just kind of goofed off the rest of the day... typical Saturday for us.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mexican Food and A Night Out With the Womenz

Food Day: What to write about. I went and ate Mexican tonight. I've never really been a big fan of Mexican food. When I was growing up we had a nice restaurant called the Red Pump. Best cheese dip I ever had...other than that I don't remember too much about it.... oh it had this really neat fountain in the foyer..with *drum roll* a red pump in it. Imagine that!

I would go to taco bell, and this other restaurant in Little Rock called ..umm...crap I can't remember what it was called. The only thing I remember about the place in Little Rock was that they had this little room with all kinds of toys and things in it. You could go to the room and pick out something to take home, and they had really cool candy.

When I got older I even worked at a Mexico Chiquito... but I still wasn't all that crazy about Mexican food. THEN... I had authentic Mexican. What a difference!!! What I had been eating was Tex-Mex. I love authentic! Tex - Mex kind of makes me sick and I think that's why I never really got into the whole Mexican food thing... but now I really enjoy it.

So..I had a really good day today! Kenzie was at the grandparents. She spent the night last night. Lyanna and I got up around 7 or so and she had breakfast and I did my super cardio "bootcamp" workout. Took a shower gave her a bath and then did some light cleaning up around here. Called the grands and they had no plans for the day. I asked if they would mind keeping both girls after lunch so I could go and get my hair cut, they said "of course!"

I was so happy! FINALLY I was getting my day of beauty! I went and had my hair layerd and highlighted. It looks so nice. Weird thing beautiful naturally straight hair is now naturally curly. What weird things pregnancy does to you..... hormones..who'd a thunk it?
I really like it too. It's cool to have a different kind of hair now, most people would spend good money on a perm to get the curls God gave me with my girls.

After the hair was done, I felt so good I decided to go do a little shopping. I found two pairs of shoes on sale and then I went to a little dress store. They have like 3 racks of clearance items. I found so many cute tops to get. I also found the most bestest pair of jeans! Since I have been pregnant I haven't worn anything tight. But these jeans fit so good, they made my butt look awesome! I knew I had to have them.

Then, Brad watched the girls tonight so I could go out to eat with my mom's group. We had a really good time. Lots of laughing and stories. It is so good to have some social time with other adults! I was going to take my camera so I could get a pic of everyone for the blog but..I forgot. Oh well, next time!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday: Anything Goes Day

Okay, so we have XM radio in the van... yes, I said van. That's a story in itself. I'll get to it soon I'm sure. XM radio...I like to listen to the top 20 countdown sometimes. There is this new song by Nelly. It cracks me up. "GRILLZ"

A grill is your smile if you aren't up on the slang. The song is all about how much jewelry you can get in your mouth. "Smile for me Daddy, I wanna see your grill".... Now personally I can't stand looking at person with all that crap in their mouth. I don't care how much it cost or what kind of jewels you got in there, to me it looks totally STUPID! I can think of a much better way to spend my money than putting precious stones on my teeth. It looks kind of creepy too. How would you eat without food getting all stuck in the cracks and crevices?

The thing is, I think the song is soooo freaking hilarious, but I KNOW that it's supposed to be taken seriously. I mean, what you have in your mouth is a big deal now for some people. Don't they know how ridiculous they look?

Flava Flav look what you started.....

So..back to the minivan thing. I am a complete and total "Mom" now. I drive the dreaded mini van. Now it is a pretty kick ass van. It has a sun roof, movable pedals (a plus since I'm only 5' tall), XM radio, stow and go seating... oh and a really rad BRA on the front *said with much sarcasm* I had always said I would NEVER NEVER NEVER drive a van. I fought it tooth and nail.
When I met Brad I had a beautiful red covertible Mustang, black drop top, and leather interior. Then we got pregnant and I knew I couldn't drive around with a babyseat in the back of my two door sports I got a Jeep Cherokee. Not bad, not totally cool, but definitely NOT a minivan. THEN found out I was going to have another baby.... four months after I had the first. I cried.... we could barely fit the stroller, groceries and ourselves in the Jeep. I knew my worst fear had come true. I was going to have to get a van.

It's not a bad van. I kinda like it. I got to pick it out. The color and all the extras. I even had a kid tell me today "Nice Van". Now that is funny... a kid telling you he likes your van. What is our world coming to? When I was a kid you would never tell someone nice van.... well not unless it was one of those tricked out guys vans that were supposed to get the women...something else for guys to spend money on that really did look dumb (like grillz)

It's not a bad van, it's a nice van...but it's a van. That in itself makes it kind of a bummer. I will have a sports car again!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Another boring Monday

Hrmmm it's Monday: I haven't got a theme day for Monday. Any suggestions will be considered. Please feel free to comment...really, I'd love some. I'll put up some new pictures just so it won't be so boring.

Today I went to lunch at Ci Ci's Pizza with my Mom's Club. The fact that it is Ci Ci's is kinda gross, but I need and love the social aspect of it.. I bet we are a sight though. All of us have at least 2 children. The ones over age 2 are jumping in the booth, and the babys are either breast feeding or throwing food around from high chairs. All of us m0ms are sitting in the midst of this chaos quietly talking. It's amazing to watch a group of moms at work. Infants are passed from one to the other as we get up to get food from the buffet, take an older child to the bathroom, or go check on the kids in the gameroom. Fun is had by all....

The diet is suffering. Suffering big time. It's been hit or miss since Brad left last week. I usually stay on it for one meal then go nuts. Lets I had 2 pieces of pizza, salad with lo cal Italian, a piece of cheezy bread. Then came home and had a handful of Lays organic chips, and a slice of pound cake. Hee hee...that can't be good. Oh yeah I also had fully leaded Coke at lunch. I LOVE Coca-cola. It is my favorite drink of all time. So today I splurged and had it at lunch. Cooked a meal on the plan for dinner though.

I am still at 127/28 lbs and holding. Maybe if I step up my cardio..... I don't know. I am becoming at peace with my body now. It won't last long though...summer will soon be here and I will be disgusted with myself when I try on summer clothes. Bleh...

The girls had a good time today. Took them to the petstore after eating lunch. They love looking at the fish and the puppies. Kenzie goes crazy when the puppies bark at her. She is so cute! I wish we could get one out and let her run around with it, she loves dogs so much. Poor Lyanna seems to be afraid of them...*not the puppies* but dogs in general. At the grands she cries whenever Dolly *their lab* comes around or she sees her. It's so sad! Kenzie just rolls all over Dolly.

Sheesh, seems like the only time I have to write is around 10 at night and now Brad has gone to bed. I hate going to bed without him. We almost always go to bed together unless one of us is sick. Kind of strange but true.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where did the Week Go?

My goodness, it's Poetry Day again already??? Where did my week go? I have got to do a better job of keeping up with posting.

So...poetry for today....I have lots of poems I have written but some of them are from stranger days... Here is one:

Cold hearted bitch
I have been called
all three.
A most distasteful

Gee, can you think what frame of mine I could have been in when I wrote that? There was supposed to be a second part. Three "nice" names I have been called..but I never got around to that. I kind of like it just this way.

I have finally managed to get both girls down for bed. I didn't think Lyanna was ever going to go to sleep. She has been needy all day. Sometimes I think she is a growth off my hip. Brad is back from Little Rock. He got me the coolest Rolling Stones t-shirt. It's green, red, and yellow tie-dye with the mouth all in a swirl around the front. So awesome..

He had a really rough trip down there though. The winds were super strong and he nearly crashed trying to land in Tennessee. Gave him a real scare that's for sure. He also decided that the Stones would be his last show to rig. He says it's just not that much fun anymore. I can understand how he would feel that way. But what a great concert to make your last!

I spent the days he was gone pretty much hanging with the in-laws. They kept Kenzie both nights which was so nice. It gave me an opportunity to have just some quiet time at home. The baby cooperated and she was pretty quiet too. I can also give her more attention when Kenzie isn't around, and I'm sure she liked that.

Other than that, I can't really think of too much else to write about. Went to church this morning and Steve gave a great sermon. It was on how sometimes instead of working with God we work against him, thinking we are doing the right thing. Very good.... made me think about some of the things I do.

One of our friends from Little Rock has a blog and sent us his link today. He had written about Brad coming to visit. He is a really cool guy and his blog is worth checking out.... follow the link:
BrynMar on the links column.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday shall now be FOOD DAY!

I have totally ditched my diet since Brad is gone. Went to the dreaded evil vile place called Mc Donald's tonight and got a Hot Fudge Sundae. Why is it that their sundaes taste so freaking good to me. There is probably nothing that is real food in there....all super processed, chemical, lab created stuffage. It's probably full of addicting chemicals, just like with cigarettes...McD's just doesn't want us to know.....*creepy music plays*.... I have watched Super Size Me so many times it's ridiculous. It's just amazing to watch that guy's body change so dramatically over one month. Since watching that movie I think I have eaten at Mc D's three times?? It just really grosses me out now...and I'm trying to save up for when the girls get older. You KNOW they are going to want to go and eat there all the time. I can already hear the chorus of "Mom can we get a happy meal?" coming from behind the driver's seat.

And whatever happened to the McDonaldland Cookies???? When Happy Meals first came out, you got a burger, fries, COOKIES, and a toy. Now there are no cookies... why? I dont' know a kid who doesn't like cookies. Where did the cookies go? Why aren't they in the Happy Meal anymore? Inquiring minds want to know...

So... Brad is gone til tomorrow. He flew down to Arkansas so he could work the Rolling Stones concert. How cool is that? He does light rigging for concerts. A neato kind of job, specially when you get to watch the Stones. He is supposed to bring me home something cool from the show. I am home alone with Lyanna. Kenzie is staying with the grands. YAY!! Two nights in a row. It's been nice and quiet at home.

Susan *MIL* and I went to the mall today and shopped. Took the girls with us. I bought myself some socks.....I finally get out and go shopping with another woman and I buy socks. SHeesh! I bought Brad something, Kenzie something, Lyanna something.... I am pathetic.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday is Poetry Day

Blissful Chaos

Blissful chaos
you set in motion
never knowing
that one click away
was Me.
Routines shattered gladly
trails of stagnation
lost in the void of loneliness
falling further behind.

So I decided I was gonna make each day of the week something special: Sunday will be poetry day. Today this is one I wrote. :) Don't be too harsh on me now.

I spoke too soon about the nice weekend. Last night had to be one of the worst since we brought Lyanna home from the hospital. She has decided that she is only going to sleep 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Then she is going to wake up and scream for 30 minutes before going back to sleep. Thank goodness I have such a great husband. He got up with both of them this morning and let me sleep in some.

Ugh....babies are so hard sometimes! I don't know how single moms do it. I would lose it totally...but it wasn't so hard when it was just Kenzie. Two babies is definitely harder to deal with on a daily basis.

Needless to say we Did NOT get up and go to church today. I didn't even get out of my pj's til around 3 I think. But I did do my exercise! Yay for me!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some cool things have happened lately. After my husband contacted one of his friends he hadn't talked to in about 10 years, he sent them to our website. The guys wife read my blog and sent me a wonderful email.... so Libby THANKS! We are now trading our mom stories. It's cool cause we have so much in common.

The other cool thing is that I made up with a past friend. It was a difficult thing for me to do with her. I had gone to her during a extremely crappy time in my life for support and guidance and she had dumped me. She believed another's person's lies and sob stories over what was the truth and it made me look bad. Instead of being a shoulder for me I was left with no one.

Now I am usually pretty independant and can handle most things on my own but this, like I said, was an exceptionally crappy time. I had my best friend in high school do that to me as well. Dump me when I needed her support the it happening a second time really cause me to have some serious trust issues. I still have them. It takes me a VERY VERY long time to trust anyone now. I have a hard time opening up and letting someone in to know how I really feel and if I need emotional support....

but me and this person made up the other day. I even cried. We have talked off and on since the incident... and we started talking about it that day. She apologized for not being there for me and listening to the other idiot instead of both sides. It meant a lot to me to know that she didn't think bad of me, and that she was sorry. Whoo hoo! good things do happen!!

Had a pretty good weekend too. Kenzie went and stayed with the grandparents Friday night. Yes they are back from their long vacation to Texas. I was so glad to see them and so were the girls. Kenzie had a great time over there..she was totally worn out today when she came home. Poor thing, we have started letting her eat "big people" food and she had bad poo poo tonight. She wouldn't eat lunch today so I think she had a tummy ache. Poor lil thing.. I hate it when she doesn't feel good.

Brad and I went out to eat at the BrewPub.. I had a Raspberry wheat beer and a big fat juicy hamburger:.......not on the diet.... oh yeah and greasy french fries. It was sooooooooooooo good! Then we came home and sat and vegged out in the hot tub. It was nice to be able to both get in at the same time. Usually one of us is watching the girls while the other is in the tub.

Today was lazy as well. We sat around doing nothing. Kenzie came home around noon thirty. We put her down for her nap and watched Walk the Line. Pretty good movie. Went to the grocery store, had dinner, and played with the girls. A very quiet, nice, weekend.