Sunday, March 12, 2006

Where did the Week Go?

My goodness, it's Poetry Day again already??? Where did my week go? I have got to do a better job of keeping up with posting.

So...poetry for today....I have lots of poems I have written but some of them are from stranger days... Here is one:

Cold hearted bitch
I have been called
all three.
A most distasteful

Gee, can you think what frame of mine I could have been in when I wrote that? There was supposed to be a second part. Three "nice" names I have been called..but I never got around to that. I kind of like it just this way.

I have finally managed to get both girls down for bed. I didn't think Lyanna was ever going to go to sleep. She has been needy all day. Sometimes I think she is a growth off my hip. Brad is back from Little Rock. He got me the coolest Rolling Stones t-shirt. It's green, red, and yellow tie-dye with the mouth all in a swirl around the front. So awesome..

He had a really rough trip down there though. The winds were super strong and he nearly crashed trying to land in Tennessee. Gave him a real scare that's for sure. He also decided that the Stones would be his last show to rig. He says it's just not that much fun anymore. I can understand how he would feel that way. But what a great concert to make your last!

I spent the days he was gone pretty much hanging with the in-laws. They kept Kenzie both nights which was so nice. It gave me an opportunity to have just some quiet time at home. The baby cooperated and she was pretty quiet too. I can also give her more attention when Kenzie isn't around, and I'm sure she liked that.

Other than that, I can't really think of too much else to write about. Went to church this morning and Steve gave a great sermon. It was on how sometimes instead of working with God we work against him, thinking we are doing the right thing. Very good.... made me think about some of the things I do.

One of our friends from Little Rock has a blog and sent us his link today. He had written about Brad coming to visit. He is a really cool guy and his blog is worth checking out.... follow the link:
BrynMar on the links column.

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