Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome to Winston: AKA "Guchi"..and yes I meant to spell it that way

We have lost our minds here in the Smith house.

This is the newest member of the Smith family, Winston. Brad and I named him that, but the girls say his name is Guchi. I refuse to spell it Gucci because I'm not going to name my dog after some overly expensive name brand crap.

He is the cutest little dog ever!!! He is an 8 week old Lhasa-poo. We got him today...Brad says "Happy Valentine's Day".

The girls like him, but aren't real into him. I was sort of surprised. But that's okay because he's really tiny and we debated getting him because we thought they might hurt him. So far so good. He's really smart, and has even gone outside every time we've taken him. Only tried to pee in the house once and got him outside before he finished.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Randomness again...but I'm Posting!

So, in an effort to continue on, even though I don't really feel like I have much to talk about. I'm going to write tonight.

The hubby and I got to have a little time alone this evening. We took the girls to a "parents night out" activity. They got to play for three hours and we got to go out to eat alone. It was soooo nice. We went to the hibachi restaurant tonight. Yummy! I had part of a crab roll, seaweed salad, and filet mignon with fried rice and veggies. A nice glass of cabernet to go with it, and we sat with a very nice family.

Then we were off to the furniture store to look for a new love seat, and Lowe's to look for hardware for our new door we bought for the basement.

The basement is coming along well. They dry wall is totally up and patched and sanded. The ceiling is painted and they are going to texturize it tomorrow. THEN...they will prime the walls, and then they will paint!!! I can't wait to see how it looks once it is painted!! After the paint the moulding is going up and it will look like real rooms.

The girls and I spent the day at the in-laws house while the guys sanded the dry wall. I didn't really want Lyanna around all that dust with her allergies and asthma. We'll see how she does with the paint fumes....

Hmmm, what else is going on that I haven't gotten to share? I dunno.... still sad over Heath Ledger's death. Trying to get my husband to buy me a new cellphone. I hate the one's we have right now soooo bad that I've never even set up my voicemail on this one... I think I've had it over a year or so. I don't even have any contacts on it. It sucks much ass and I want to get rid of it so bad I can hardly stand it.

I've been reading alot, just finished the 5th Harry Potter book, Harlequin by Laurel K. Hamilton, and I FINALLY finished The Thirteenth Tale. Which I have to say was very good once I got into it a bit. I just started re-reading The Gunslinger books. I decided to re-read the whole series because I stopped with The Wizard and the Glass and I need to refresh my memory before finishing all the new books.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm in Mourning

So... I surf over to CNN to check out what's going on in the world, and here's the top story of the hour:

Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Actor Heath Ledger was found dead Tuesday of a possible drug overdose in a Lower Manhattan apartment, the New York Police Department said.
The Academy Award nominated actor was 28.
"Pills were found in the vicinity of the bed," police spokesman Paul Browne told CNN.
"This is being looked at as a possible overdose, but that is not confirmed yet."
The pills appeared to be over-the-counter sleeping medication, said police spokeswoman Barbara Chen.
Ledger was unresponsive when he was found by a housekeeper who had gone to wake him for an appointment with a masseuse in the Soho apartment, Browne said.
Ledger was declared dead at about 3:30 p.m., Browne said.

A crowd of onlookers, photographers and reporters gathered outside the apartment building after news of Ledger's death was reported. Police officers were guarding the doors.
Ledger was born in Perth, Australia, and named Heathcliff Andrew after the main characters of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights." He began acting at a local theater as a child.
Ledger's first American film was the teen comedy "10 Things I Hate About You" in 1999, and he immediately attracted attention from Hollywood. He passed up several scripts before taking a role in the Revolutionary War drama "The Patriot" in 2000 and "A Knight's Tale" in 2001. He also played a supporting role in "Monster's Ball," among other films.

"In a way I was spoon-fed a career," he told the Glasgow Herald in 2005. "It was fully manufactured by a studio that believed it could put me on their posters and turn me into a product. ... I hadn't figured out properly how to act, and all of a sudden I was being thrown into these lead roles."
But Ledger was perhaps best known for his 2005 portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain," about two cowboys who had a secret romantic relationship. The role earned him an Oscar nomination.
"I felt that choices were being made for me, so I feel this has been my time now to find the good stories and test myself," Ledger told the Glasgow Herald in the 2005 interview. "It has been an interesting year, where I finally have a sense of accomplishment."
Asked how he felt about filming love scenes with another man, Ledger said he and his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal simply focused on their roles.
"We can't say that we weren't nervous about it," Ledger told Oprah Winfrey in 2006. "But once the first take was over, it's like, 'OK. So what? It's kissing another human being. How are we going to finish this scene? Let's get on with it and let's get out of here.' "
In a written statement, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said it mourns Ledger's death, adding that his portrayal of Del Mar "changed hearts and minds in immeasurable ways."
Ledger has a daughter, Matilda Rose, born in 2005 to his then-girlfriend, Michelle Williams, who played his on-screen wife, Alma, in "Brokeback Mountain." The couple have since separated.
"He was just so respected in the industry," said Kim Serafin, senior editor of In Touch Weekly.
"It's just horribly tragic. He was just a fine actor and a good person, so this is horribly sad and very unexpected."

CNN's Deb Feyerick and Susan Chun contributed to this story.

Anyone who has been reading my blog since the early days knows that Heath Ledger was one of my favorite actors. Such a waste of a young, promising life....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first post for 2008

Hey ya'll. I know it's been awhile...wonder if ya'll are around to even read anymore? If you have come by and checked this blog I thank you for being so faithful. Leave me a lil comment so I know you're there.

Things here are crazy at the moment. We are finishing out our basement. It is going to be hella cool when it's finished. It has been dubbed "The Man Cave" by several folks.

There will be a sitting area complete with large screen t.v., kick ass surround audio, and nice leather seating. There will be a new fireplace. (pics of fireplace in progress to be added at bottom of this post) There will be a pool table area. (This all in a Razorback theme...Wooooo Pig Soooie!) There will be a bar for entertaining.

We also have a full bath, an exercise room and ...........

I will have my very own craft room to do all my artsy fartsy crafting stuffage. YAY!!!

I can hardly wait!!

The fam is doing well. The girls are great..they are going through a very defiant period right now and driving me and the hubby crazy at times. We took them for their first hair cuts yesterday...that was an experience. No one was hurt but many tears were shed.

Hmmm...Christmas was great. I will eventually post some piccys from that time too. As you can tell I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with things right now. It's been very hard to post. Everytime I seem to get a moment to sit down, something happens or comes up and I have to quit. It will slow down again eventually.

Got to go and see what the oldest child is screaming about now....