Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Late Night Crazy Music With Friends

Brad's friend Rich is here from South Carolina. They were big buds in college. Rich met us down in Dallas when we went to the A&M game two weekends ago.

They are sitting in front of the jukebox picking songs to listen to...right now it's "Destination Unknown" by Missing Persons. The song before was "Crazy Train" by Ozzy of course...see what I mean about crazy music. Now we have "Shout at the Devil"....whoo boy! gotta love some Motely Crue.

They crack me up with their song choices...yay! they have finally played one that I picked. We are actually going through our Halloween party music list and this is "Tubular Bells" by Book of Love.

I can't believe we are still up at 1am. Specially B-rad. Hee hee, he will be all grumpy in the morning....later this morning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A BLEH Weekend

It has been a bleah weekend. Friday I had my carpets cleaned. Got up early and took Lyanna to school. Went to take Kenzie to lunch so we would be out of the way, and got rear-ended. It was a three car accident, I was in the front. Dude in a truck hit the car behind me, car behind me ran up under my van. I am fine, Kenzie is fine, van is okay...a little bit of body work will have to be done. My back is a little sore from it still. Kenzie seems to be fine, she thought it was "neat" that she got to talk to the EMT's and the Police. The grandparents came and got her, she went to lunch and then on to school where she had a "cool" story to tell everyone.

I didn't think the day could get any worse...I was so wrong. After I finally had lunch and took the van to get looked at, I was driving back home and got a phone call from the director at the Betsey Mills. (a community service club here that I am on the board of trustees) There was a blood analysis thing on Saturday that the Betsey was hosting. There were not enough volunteers to work the early shift Saturday morning soooooo...guess who had to be at the Bestsey at 5:30 AM on a Saturday??? UgH!!!! I was not a happy camper.

Saturday went okay, besides the early morning until the Razorback game. I wonder how much those officials were paid off? Arkansas got robbed in that game. Those boys played their hearts out. I don't know if the officiating had been better if we would have won, but I know we would have had at least another touchdown. That being said, it was an AWESOME game to watch. I hardly sat down the whole time. It was so nice to see us stand on our own against the #1 ranked team in the nation. We owned Florida in that game. Go HOGS!! I can not wait til we play them next year! I wouldn't be surprised if we won out the rest of the year.

Today we got up early and I took the girls to Sunday School, there isn't really an adult class (which I think is so strange and rediculous) so I usually sit and read during that hour. Service was nice today, and Pastor had a really good sermon. It was about how "those who would be first, must sometimes be last." ...even if it means not being liked.

Fantasy football once again sucked. I can not win a game this year. No matter how well my players do, the person I play always has someone who goes off and I lose. I CAN NOT win. I pretty much have given up. I feel like the Washington Redskins....

Keep your fingers crossed that this week will be a good week. I need a nice week after a bummer of a weekend.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I've got to Ramble on...

Watching Monday Night Football...kind of. Really just surfing around the web and decided I needed to blog a little.
I'm a little discouraged with football right now. My fantasy team sucketh muchly and no matter what I do, I just can't seem to win a game.
Brad is lost in facebook and videos....something about a iguana and ping pong balls...sounds kind of kinky to me....and he says I'm addicted to Facebook.

Been trying to get ready for Halloween. We are having a party again on the Friday before. Brad is worried that we aren't going to have that great a turn-out. I think he's crazy, our Halloween Party was kick ass last year. Wehave a 6ft tall Grim Reaper dude at our front door. It is scary! He says "BEEEWAARRREEEE!" I keep unplugging him when it gets dark because every time I walk by him he scares me.

Lyanna has two black eyes. She was "twirly dancing" Thursday night in the living room and tripped. Went face first into the coffe table, which is a stone top table. It made a terrible smack sound and I was scared to look at her for a few seconds because I just knew she had busted her skull open or broken her nose...but no blood just a HUGE goose egg right between the eyes above her nose. Now, on Monday, she has a big yellow/green spot on her head and the inside of her eyes are purple.....to make matters worse....
She is dancing again playing with a balloon outside on the driveway today, once again in her own little la la la world, not paying attention to ANYTHING except the balloon and runs eye first into the tailgate of Tundra Moster Truck....SO..now she has almost a complete black eye.
She told me it was hurting her at bath time tonight and she needed a band aid: "right under my lashes mommy". She went to bed with a Littlest Pet Shop band aid under her eye. It must have helped because she was asleep before I finished the second bed time story.

A funny thing Lyanna said:

The stuff after the movie "Snow White" on the new DVD is the "impermation" stuff about the movie.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Little of This and a Little

It is 9pm. I am sitting down in the basement with Brad while he watches a really bad movie and drinking a shot of Maker's Mark. Yes, it was that crazy of a night. If it wasn't raining I would be out in the hot tub.
I don't know why bathtime/bedtime has to be so difficult sometimes. It's like the girls just want to do the opposite of everything they are told. I think they just get so tired they can't help themselves. I would LOVE to read to them each night, but on nights like tonight, I just want to tuck them in and get some time away. So, that is what I did. I keep telling myself I just need to relax and enjoy this time with them because they won't be little like this forever and soon they will be doing everything themselves and I'll miss bathtime. It's bittersweet that's for sure.

We have been decorating for the big Halloween party. Brad went out today and bought a whole bunch of new stuff. Some really cool scary characters and cool lights. He got this butler guy who talks and has a head on a tray...sooo cool! And a 6ft grim reaper type guy that is scary! I love it and can't wait for the party.

Tomorrow I go for an eye exam..1st one in years. I have a feeling I won't be getting away without glasses this time. Oh well, I'm not that worried about it. Who cares if I have to get glasses, as long as I can see.

I'm tired, not feeling much up to typing tonight, but I got something posted.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Why are you in my world?

Lots to talk about today.

1st think on my mind tonight. When did everyone become so absorbed in their own little worlds that they can do whatever they want and get pissed off when they get caught not following the rules? My husband says all the time to folks: "Oops sorry, I crossed into your world." I swear I have had at least 6-10 people just run redlights and/or stop signs and about plow into me. When I honk my horn or gesticulate at them to let them know my complete displeasure in their failure to follow the rules of the road, they look at me like I am crazy or rudely gesticulate at me as if I have done something wrong. Since when did stop signs become "suggestions"? Sheesh....they must be texting. (This is just one example, I'm sure I'll get to talking about others sooner or later)

Going to Dallas tomorrow. YAY!! Brad and I are going down to Texas to see the Arkansas/Texas A&M game. Woo Pigs! We are going to see both my cousins and their spouses and some of our Arkansas friends. I can't wait to get "down South"!!

Too tired to write more....at least I'm staying consistent...

Here is something to amuse. My husband at his surprise 40th birthday party, teaching all our Ohio friends how to call the Hogs!