Friday, August 31, 2012


People tell me that "change is good".  I believe them..most of the time.  Recently, I'm not so sure.  We are going through some HUGE changes around the Smith household right now.

We are renovating the house.  Mostly cosmetic except for the kitchen. The kitchen is going to be completely new. New floor, new cabinets, new appliances..everything in it will be new. The rest of the house is mostly paint, new floors, and some lighting.  BUT...there has been a lot of demo around here. 

The four of us are living in the basement.  I am cooking on our outside grill and using our bar as my pantry. I have a college size fridge to use for our cold stuff.  We have garment racks for our clothes, and we are sleeping on mattresses on the floor down here.  It's a little overwhelming to say the least.  I'm ready to have something completed!

The girls have also changed schools this fall.  We moved them from the private Catholic school to the public school.  Lyanna is fabulous. You could put that girl just about anywhere and she would be fine.  Kenzie is a little more apprehensive.  She is my worrier and it takes her a little longer to acclimate.  The house being so messed up probably isn't helping her much.  They seemed to be doing better yesterday. 

Both girls came out of class smiling and happy and telling stories about what had gone on that day.  I think it might be harder on me switching schools than them.  I am missing my mom friends that I would hang out with at the other school.  I DO have mom friends at the new school, but you know just like the girls, I have to build on those friendships. It takes a little time and patience.

I am going to start trying to write some everyday again.  I have looked back and seen all the little things that I wrote about the girls.  Just the little day to day incidents that make me smile now to remember.  I want to capture that again before they get too old.  I feel like by not writing I've missed a whole bunch of things. 

Wish me luck with all this change!!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

It has definitely been longer than a week. I need to make a stronger effort to write. It seems I only get the time to write on my iPad now and typing on this thing is a pain!
I shall try to make it work.
It is Sunday and I believe this used to be "Poetry" day. I have not written anything creative in so long. I start things in my head but never committ them to paper.
Something else I need to work on as well!
Let 's see what is going on in my life? We are taking the girls to Disney Worldvsoon. Should be lots of fun, right? It is but it is stressful too. Lots of activity and Brad usually wants to keep going when the rest of us are ready for a break. He usuallynneeds one too he just doesn't realize he is tired too. We hadvavBLAST last time though!
Brad and I are starting the process of looking for some land to build our own home. We have decided that we ARE going to stay here awhile.(duh!) although we have put a lot of work into this house we realize that it is never going to be what we really want SO, we are going to build what we want. Scary endeavor we are starting!
I'm done for now! Hopefully, I'll be back here soon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


New Year, New Beginning?

It's a new year and I'm going to try and make a new go of it here on my blog. I am pledging to write at least three times a week. I hope that I will do better than that. I have come a long way in a year; the last time I posted. I don't think I am "lost" anymore. I am reading again. I have even been invited to join two different book clubs.
My friendships have become a little deeper and I don't feel so alone here anymore. 
That's as far as I got with the first attempt.... Maybe I'll do better as I go.