Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sooo Much to Write About Today

I have alot on my mind today...but first things first. It is Food Day, so what am I going to discuss foodwise today? How about what is sitting on the desk in front of me at this very moment.

An empty box of Cinnamon Teddy Grahams and a bottle of water. These Teddy's are one of Kenzie's favorite snacks. I have to admit they are pretty yummy in the tummy. I like them better than the choco chip kind. The reason this box is empty is because I decided to eat the last 15 or so that were in the bottom. Not much of a snack but I wanted something a little sweet. The water is just plain ole bottled spring water. We drink the bottled water here because of the chance of getting some kind of freaking weird chemical in the water from the tap.

Believe it or not, this is the most polluted area in the whole freaking United States...yes that's right folks...I moved and started a family in Marietta, Ohio, the armpit of America when it comes to clean air and clean water. Ugh!!! Check this out:

I had a really weird experience yesterday. I had to stop and get gas in the van and I wanted a regular Coca-cola to drink. I was craving one so bad it was not even funny, so I decided to pay inside instead of at the pump. When I went in, I really noticed all the the cigarette smoke, candy, body funk, gasoline, nasty ass food that has been sitting in some kind of heated box for hours on know those smells. I also noticed all the different type of people that were in there and it made me smile. You might think that is a funny thing, but I realized something as I was standing there with my over priced Coke. I hadn't been inside a real gas station in two years. Two years!! I have always paid at the pump or been too preggers to drive or get out of the car when we have stopped. Isn't that amazing?! Just one of the many every day ordinary type things that I've missed out on for so long. Like I said, weird.

Last night was Lyanna's first night to spend away from me. She spent the night with the grands!! I had a whole night of potential uninterrupted sleep. Of course I woke up wondering why I hadn't heard the baby and panicking. I almost got up out of bed to check on her...but I remembered where she was before that could happen, thank goodness!! I still got up at 8 though. She did really well, so the grands said they will probably start taking both girls once a week overnight! Once a week I will have a good nights sleep!! YAY!!

Kenzie was the cutie patootie tonight. She was walking around the kitchen with her Daddy's shoe on. Just one shoe and it was sideways on her foot. I got some pictures of her it was too funny to pass up.

Oh, and here is a blast from the past. Kudos to DinerGirl for finding this video. Made me smile and get all nostalgic and stuffage. HEY YOU GUYS!!! it's the Electric Company.

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