Monday, August 27, 2007

Manic Monday: Faith

I have never really blogged yet about how my husband and I met and eventually ended up getting married. I think it is a great story to share and I don't know why I haven't talked about it til fits in well with Faith. It took a lot of faith for both of us to get where we are today.

I had been divorced just under three years. I had been dating off and on, only one person seriously...but that had ended a little messily. My fault, not his. I had done some really dumb things in my new found freedom, but I was trying to get myself straightened out again and my life back to some kind of order.

I took a position at my church as Youth Director after much thought and prayer and things started to get better for me. My job situation got better. My living situation got better. Dating was still kind of bleh..... but I wasn't giving up just yet.

It is so hard to date when you are in your 30's. Specially if you aren't into the whole bar or club scene. I spent alot of time on the computer playing games and chatting. Dated a couple of people I met online but wasn't really serious about anyone. It was just before Christmas when I decided I was done with guys for awhile. I had just broken things off with a guy who turned out to be a psycho. I swear.... he even pulled the "I'm going to kill myself if you don't go out with me." bullshit. I called his bluff on that one and sent the cops to his apartment. Hee hee. I was just really really sick of all the stupid stuff.

Then, I was hanging out in an Arkansas Yahoo chat room and I met Brad. He and I just chatted a little and that was it. Christmas came and went, I moved and didn't have internet for a while. When I got it back up in early Jan. I ran across Brad's profile again. I said, "oh, what the heck" and sent him a message. We ended up chatting off and on for about a week. Decided to call each other on the phone....

Our phone calls ended up being 4 and 5 hour marathons. After about a week of that we decided to go on a date and meet in person.

We met on January 12, 2003. It took a lot of faith to meet in person someone you only chatted with online... you never knew what the person was REALLY going to be like until you saw them. He was exactly as he described himself and we got along great, started dating exclusively.

Brad asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day...yep, one month after we met. I said yes. That took a lot of faith.... believing that he was truly the right man after only knowing him a month.

We got married on April 1, 2003. Two months after he proposed. It was what you call a whirlwind romance. I think our friends and family thought we had lost our minds. They were kind of worried about us.

BUT.... we had faith that God had brought us together. We both had come through divorces and knew where we had gone wrong before, we knew what we REALLY wanted in a marriage. We talked about all those things before we got married. We talked about where we wanted to live, children, religion, working, money, dreams, goals....all those things.

It was meant to be, and I haven't regretted anything. Our lives have been one big adventure after another together. We have gotten married, moved across the country, quit our jobs and took over a business, had two children..... all within our first two years of marriage!

We have been married just over 4 years now and we are still as happy as ever. Everything isn't always perfect...that would be so boring! All the crazy stuff keeps life interesting and we have a lot of fun.

So, that is how we met and ended up getting married. Maybe next time I'll tell you how we took our honeymoon before the wedding.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday 2007

Please welcome two new members of the family:



Kenzie named them. Sammy is easy to figure out...hamster = hammy = Sammy. Solda....we don't know where that came from.

These little cuties are one of the girls' birthday presents. Today Lyanna is two and tomorrow Kenzie will be three. It doesn't seem possible that so much time has gone by already.

We had a "Pony and Pizza Party" yesterday. I'm sure I'll have more for you soon.

Happy Birthday Girls!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Froggy: Part 1

Once upon a time there was a small frog who lived in a pond in the middle of a large open field. There wasn't really anything special about this frog. He had been an average tadpole. Sure it had taken him a little longer than the other tads to completely lose his tail, but eventually it had disappeared. He had to endure some teasing from the other froglets for it, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Since he had entered his froglet years he had spent his time eating flies and mosquitos, practicing his lily-pad jumping, and challenging the other froglets to swimming and jumping competitions. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost. Like I said, he was an average amphibian.

Everything was going just fine for Froggy Boy until the middle of the summer. It had gotten extremely hot, humid, and sticky. The boundaries of the pond had begun to shrink. Everyone in the pond community was getting cranky. The "nice" fish were caught tail slapping the old three legged turtle. He was an easy target for them because he was already slow, being as he was a turtle...then missing one can just imagine. It took two water snakes, a catfish, and three young raccoons to chase them away.

Monday, August 13, 2007


The theme for today is "Drop"....

Story from Freshman year of college:

I attended Hendrix College in Conway, AR. I had a lot of crazy friends in college. On this particular evening we had been sitting around the dorms drinking as usual...getting pretty buzzed. Someone had dared someone else to go streaking. Not just on campus...which wouldn't have been so strange, (Streaking was known to go on occasionally around our school) but streaking in a business establishment in town.

We all started in on him as soon as we heard the dare. He was to streak through The Food For Less. Rules had to be applied... It was to be full nudity, he could not run in the door and then turn around and run back out. He had to run all the way from the "In" door across the front of the store to the "Out" door. We promised to be there waiting with the car door open and motor running to make a quick get-a-way. In his inebriated state, he agreed.

He stripped down to his boxers and we loaded up in two cars. Arriving at the "Food for Sex", "Food for Free"...I mean Food for Less.. half of us went to watch.

My friend's boxers dropped and he ran into the store screaming and dancing like a crazy fool.
He kept shouting "I'm from UCA!"(the name of the state school across town from our private school) grabbed handfuls of nuts from the huge nut bins at the front and throwing them up in the air.

It was quite a sight to see. He managed to make it to the exit doors and everyone involved made a clean get-a-way.

He never did get his boxers back. Me and a couple of others confiscated them, cut them into little strips and passed them out to everyone who was involved in the incident. We wore the little strips tied around our shoelaces....corny I know, but it was a way we bonded as new students in a strange new world. Whenever we saw someone with the littel blue and white strip tied on the shoe we could nod and smile...having a little secret to share.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Dont' have anything yet