Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday: Anything Goes Day

Okay, so we have XM radio in the van... yes, I said van. That's a story in itself. I'll get to it soon I'm sure. XM radio...I like to listen to the top 20 countdown sometimes. There is this new song by Nelly. It cracks me up. "GRILLZ"

A grill is your smile if you aren't up on the slang. The song is all about how much jewelry you can get in your mouth. "Smile for me Daddy, I wanna see your grill".... Now personally I can't stand looking at person with all that crap in their mouth. I don't care how much it cost or what kind of jewels you got in there, to me it looks totally STUPID! I can think of a much better way to spend my money than putting precious stones on my teeth. It looks kind of creepy too. How would you eat without food getting all stuck in the cracks and crevices?

The thing is, I think the song is soooo freaking hilarious, but I KNOW that it's supposed to be taken seriously. I mean, what you have in your mouth is a big deal now for some people. Don't they know how ridiculous they look?

Flava Flav look what you started.....

So..back to the minivan thing. I am a complete and total "Mom" now. I drive the dreaded mini van. Now it is a pretty kick ass van. It has a sun roof, movable pedals (a plus since I'm only 5' tall), XM radio, stow and go seating... oh and a really rad BRA on the front *said with much sarcasm* I had always said I would NEVER NEVER NEVER drive a van. I fought it tooth and nail.
When I met Brad I had a beautiful red covertible Mustang, black drop top, and leather interior. Then we got pregnant and I knew I couldn't drive around with a babyseat in the back of my two door sports I got a Jeep Cherokee. Not bad, not totally cool, but definitely NOT a minivan. THEN found out I was going to have another baby.... four months after I had the first. I cried.... we could barely fit the stroller, groceries and ourselves in the Jeep. I knew my worst fear had come true. I was going to have to get a van.

It's not a bad van. I kinda like it. I got to pick it out. The color and all the extras. I even had a kid tell me today "Nice Van". Now that is funny... a kid telling you he likes your van. What is our world coming to? When I was a kid you would never tell someone nice van.... well not unless it was one of those tricked out guys vans that were supposed to get the women...something else for guys to spend money on that really did look dumb (like grillz)

It's not a bad van, it's a nice van...but it's a van. That in itself makes it kind of a bummer. I will have a sports car again!!

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sherryandkaty said...

Welcome to the mini-van-mommas club! Take it from me and get a back seat babysitter: portable DVD player. Well worth the money. Even shuts up teenagers. (And, uh, remember how we were? Well, teens now are no different)