Saturday, April 01, 2006

3rd Wedding Anniversary

Today was my 3rd wedding anniversary to Brad. We had a nice day.. started out grumpy, but things got better as the day went on. He went and washed the airplane this morning and I kept the girls. After lunch Brad worked out in the garage and I cleaned out one of our closets. Kind of boring I know but productive.

When the girls woke up from naptime we took them over to the grands. :) Had some time at home without them...and we got dressed up and went out to eat.

Tried a new place tonight: The Colonnade Grill. It is one of the "swank" restaurants in Parkersburg.... The food was excellent. I was pretty impressed, but the prices are kind of steep. We had fun listening to the other people around us talking..not like they were being quiet or anything. Loud, obnoxious, people with too much money....talking about their foo foo dogs. It was pretty funny..

Brad got me a gorgeous boquet of red roses, and my parents sent us a beautiful flower arrangement too. The entranceway of the house smells soooooooo good right now. I love the smell of fresh flowers. The girls got me a butterfly wind ornament and a stained glass window to go in our bath. A very nice anniversary!

I'm too tired to get into anything too deep tonight....just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my baby! I love you!

Oh and check out our anniversary page:

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