Monday, March 13, 2006

Another boring Monday

Hrmmm it's Monday: I haven't got a theme day for Monday. Any suggestions will be considered. Please feel free to comment...really, I'd love some. I'll put up some new pictures just so it won't be so boring.

Today I went to lunch at Ci Ci's Pizza with my Mom's Club. The fact that it is Ci Ci's is kinda gross, but I need and love the social aspect of it.. I bet we are a sight though. All of us have at least 2 children. The ones over age 2 are jumping in the booth, and the babys are either breast feeding or throwing food around from high chairs. All of us m0ms are sitting in the midst of this chaos quietly talking. It's amazing to watch a group of moms at work. Infants are passed from one to the other as we get up to get food from the buffet, take an older child to the bathroom, or go check on the kids in the gameroom. Fun is had by all....

The diet is suffering. Suffering big time. It's been hit or miss since Brad left last week. I usually stay on it for one meal then go nuts. Lets I had 2 pieces of pizza, salad with lo cal Italian, a piece of cheezy bread. Then came home and had a handful of Lays organic chips, and a slice of pound cake. Hee hee...that can't be good. Oh yeah I also had fully leaded Coke at lunch. I LOVE Coca-cola. It is my favorite drink of all time. So today I splurged and had it at lunch. Cooked a meal on the plan for dinner though.

I am still at 127/28 lbs and holding. Maybe if I step up my cardio..... I don't know. I am becoming at peace with my body now. It won't last long though...summer will soon be here and I will be disgusted with myself when I try on summer clothes. Bleh...

The girls had a good time today. Took them to the petstore after eating lunch. They love looking at the fish and the puppies. Kenzie goes crazy when the puppies bark at her. She is so cute! I wish we could get one out and let her run around with it, she loves dogs so much. Poor Lyanna seems to be afraid of them...*not the puppies* but dogs in general. At the grands she cries whenever Dolly *their lab* comes around or she sees her. It's so sad! Kenzie just rolls all over Dolly.

Sheesh, seems like the only time I have to write is around 10 at night and now Brad has gone to bed. I hate going to bed without him. We almost always go to bed together unless one of us is sick. Kind of strange but true.

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