Thursday, April 24, 2014

It has officially been too long since we had a full week of school for the girls. They were whiny and grouchy all day today. Well, maybe not all day but for a lot of the day.

We have all been around each other for too long for too many days!

The thing is we won't have a full week this next week either. Taking a short little vacation this coming weekend. So...another broken up week. I just hope the vacation is a recharge for all of us.

The sun has been out for the past two days which is excellent! I need my sunshine, I guess God got the message that I sent out about sending the sun and "86ing" the snow! Yay!

Lyanna and I took a nice long walk in the park yesterday to soak up some of that sun. It was so nice to just be with her alone and to see her explore things on her own without Kenzie there to influence what she does.
Yesterday was one year since my grandfather passed away.  My brother called me and asked if I had called my grandma. I said noooo, why?  Was she sick? Then he lays the guilt on and says today is the day Grandaddy died a year ago.  Well crap, I think... Now she'll think I don't care or something.  BUT, I am not gona fall victim to that guilt!! I didn't remember.  I don't keep up with those dates: dates when someone dies.  I see no need to remind myself of such a sad day.  A day when someone I loved so much left for someplace better.  I'd rather just remember good times I made with them, no matter the date.  

I did think how amazing.... I had no idea and my grandfather had been with me so many times throughout the day.

I couldn't sleep very well last night so I went back in time and read through a lot of my old posts on this blog.  I can't believe how much is on here about the girls!  I loved reading back about what they were doing.
I decided if anything else this blog is a good place for me to keep a record of the little things about them as they are growing up.  (and some funny things about myself as well).
We are having an early spring this year.  Our winter was pretty much non-existent.  One good snow, and it was during our trip to Disney World!  I am NOT complaining.  I don't like the winters here at all. I do love the other 9 months of the year in Ohio though.  We spent all afternoon Sunday outside.
Brad cleaned up the pond.  The pond is officially 8 year old!  It has been out there before Kenzie was born! He got it running smoothly again and it looks like it did when he first put it in.
I cleaned up the dogs back yard *picked up poo*, dug around in the flower beds some, and played with
the girls and the big doggies.