Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dios Mio

Took the girls to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua yesterday. We usually go to the library for "story time" on Wednesdays but the library was closed for in service. I thought going to the movies would be a nice change for them.

The last movie I took them to was The Chipmunks last Christmas....Kenzie did go see Wall*E with her grandma....

Anyways...they did great. They stayed with me, were mostly interested in the movie (it totally kept their attention, which Chipmunks did NOT do), and sat in their seats very well. They talked out loud and laughed and yelled at the characters (appropriately) and it was pretty cute. There was just a couple of older women and us there so I wasn't too worried.

It was a cute movie, good for kids. It actually had a decent plot, and the animal characters were well developed. You actually had feelings for them and what they were going through. My favorite bit character was a long haired chihuahua named Montezuma, voiced by Placido Domingo....hows that for cool. Main character I liked best was probably the German Shepard, Delgado, voiced by Andy Garcia.

The think I couldn't get over was how much money it cost the three of us to go to a 12:20 in the afternoon movie. Whatever happened to matinee pricing...and kids under 5???

I mean it was one adult and two kids: ages 3 and cost us 18.00 bucks for tickets....then to get drinks and popcorn....

The kid size drinks were almost 5 bucks each... a bag of popcorn was 5 for the three of us it was cheaper to get the HUGE BIG ASS, GiGANTIC bucket of popcorn to share. Thoughtfully, they will give you two brown bags to share the popcorn out of the HBAG bucket.
So thoughtful....those drinks and the HBAGBP cost us another 19 bucks... so, basically for 2 toddlers and a mom going to a matinee it was $40.00 activity. That's ridiculous!!

No wonder NetFlix is thriving..who can afford to go out to movies? In this floundering economy? Ouch!!!

BUT...overall it was a good time, the girls loved it and that makes it all worthwhile to me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Another Day

Not sure what to write about today. I said I was going to keep up with this blog so here I am pecking away.

The girls went to school today. Took them around 9 today..they had had enough of Mom for awhile and were being their little defiant selves this morning. Came home, exercised and cleaned up around the house.

My mom called and I talked with her for awhile. This is Veteran's Day and my best friend here had the day off. (she teaches school) Went over to her house and we went out for lunch. Had mexican food and a good long talk. She always helps recharge me and gives me some good adult time.

After lunch I went to the grocery store and then ran some other errands. Went and picked up the girl around 4. Came home and had a typical evening with Brad and the girls.

We are trying to get them to start eating what he and I are having for dinner. They are definitely old enough to eat the same things we have. They are just really really fighting it. It is a horrible power struggle. They absolutely refuse to try anything new. I make very kid friendly meals too. It's so crazy.

Macaroni and cheese, corn, green beans, tacos, sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, my little one won't even eat bread with butter....
I don't know what it's going to take to get them to try anything new.

We will keep struggling through this and they'll get tired of being so stubborn and get curious.

Monday, November 10, 2008

One of the things that I did during my long hiatus from the blog world was attend my 20 year class reunion.

Now I have to say I did go to the 10 year and it was the pits for me. I was in a horrible place in my life at that time. It was right before I asked for my divorce. I was not a happy person at that time.

The 10 year was just what everyone always says it is....a "look at me and what I have done" reunion. Most of the people still seemed to fit right back into their roles from highschool.

The 20 year was not like that at all. Everyone was so much more open and excited about seeing each other. It wasn't about what you had, or how you looked, or what you did for a living. It was just people who grew up together having a good time together. We had sooo much fun!

We had a nice reunion website for our class and most of us took part in the message forum there. Many people are still using it after the reunion. I found some of my old pictures to put up for everyone to get a good laugh. I'm gonna share some of the old with some of the new for you.
You finally get to see some pics of little kid me.

We had so much fun together that I don't think we are gonna wait another 10 years....I think we will have a 25 instead. A bunch of people want to go and take a 40th birthday cruise together...Brad didn't seem to like the idea too much..I think he thought we had TOO MUCH fun....hmmmm.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post # 201!!! Yes, I missed 200 yesterday!

So yeah, I have offically made 200 posts. It has only taken me 3 years.... My first post was on Nov. 19, 2005. At the time I had a 15 month old and an almost 3 month old....hard to believe.
I was still struggling terribly with post-partem anxiety, and started blogging to try and do a little cathartic writing. It seemed to have helped.
I've learned alot about myself, others, and blogging in these 3 years. I've learned what not to write and what you can get away with. I've made some cool blogworld friends along the way.
My favvy people I have met through blogging would have to be: Ian, Diner Girl and Bernie. Thanks for sticking with me and reading all my crazy ramblings!
My first comment was from one of my former students, Nickey. She is a very cool person and I love when I have the time to chat with her. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments so far in life. And, hopefully I had a little bit of a hand in helping her get there.
I have my brother, my best friend from college, and one of my friends from back in Little Rock on my list over there --->

In honor of this momentous occasion I am going to put up a few links to some of my favorite past posts. Enjoy!

My ALL TIME FAVORITE! (in three parts)

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I was gonna put 10 posts up but only really found 8 that I liked alot... if any of you have one you liked better, let me know!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A trip back to August: The Girls' Birthday Party

This year Kenzie turned 4 and Lyanna turned 3. I like to let them pick their birthday theme so when the birthday magazine came in I let them look through it and tell me what they liked. Kenzie wanted Spiderman or Star Wars...Lyanna wanted Hello Kitty.... Not a good combination. We managed to find a compromise: Scooby Doo.

I found a place here that rented a Scooby Doo jump around. I made a Scooby cake and a Mystery Machine cake. We had the back yard totally done with the playground ready for all the kids to play.

We played pin the tail on Scooby, we had a Scooby pinata, we had a dogbone hunt, and a doggy bone drop game. It was alot of fun and I gave out prizes. I found two stuffed Scooby Doos and 2 Double feature Scooby Doo videos.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs and it was a blast! I think everyone had a great time.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, November 03, 2008

Yep, 2 in a Row!

Told ya I was gonna post. Not much happening today. It was a beautiful day, temps in the 70's.

Was awakened this morning by my 4 year old. She gets up almost every morning at 7 am and crawls into bed with me to snuggle. It is a most awesome way to greet the day. My 3 year old isn't too far behind...but when she gets in the bed it's play time.

Was in such a good mood this morning I made pancakes and bacon for the girls.
Got us all dressed and off to the park we went. We swung on the swings, played on the see saws, did a little sliding and ran around in the leaves. Got some awesome pics of the girls in the leaves.

Went to the grocery store, came home and ate lunch, watched a little T&J. (for those of you not in the know: T&J = Tom and Jerry)

Brad came home around 3:30 and we all messed around in the yard and played with the doggies. It was a really good afternoon.

Put the girls to bed around 8 and we have been alternating between the Skins game and the Saturday Night Live Election Bash thingy...

Just a little put out by the liberal media... out of all the skits they have done tonight there has not been a one poking fun at Barack. The only thing they show is a "commercial" they did when he and Hillary were still vying for the nomination. I think that is pathetic.. if they do have a skit poking fun at Nobama someone let me know....equal ridicule for all I say!!
Regardless of your political views...go out and vote tomorrow. It's a right and a priviledge. You can help shape the future!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Something freezeth over....

Yep, I'm writing again. I have decided in my efforts to keep from totally losing my sanity in the crazy ass world we live in, I NEED to express myself through writing. It is an outlet for, I am going to put aside 15 minutes each day to try and get something blogged here for anyoone who happens to be around.

We had an AWESOME Halloween party Friday night. The basement was rockin'. As one friend put it..."you had line dancing in your know it was a great party."

We had a great group of people and almost everyone came in costume.

I will have pictures for you to enjoy. Don't have one of myself yet, hopefully one of my friends will send me one. I think I have pictures of everyone else though.

We had the bar offically open with a bartender and everything. It was actually a "stock the bar" Halloween party. We asked our friends to bring their favorite bottle of spirits or liqeur to stock the bar for this party and future gatherings. It was fun to see what everyone brought.

The girls stayed upstairs with the babysitter and went to bed no problems..amazing!!

We partied til about 1:30 am. Went to bed around 2...and Lyanna was up at 3....and then 4:30. THEN Kenzie was up at 7. I got up and fixed breakfast for the girls and tried to sleep on the couch while they watched cartoons. Wasn't going to happen..they would not leave me alone. I am still trying to recover some sleep.

Today: We went and saw Sarah Palin! Was very cool. Brad says she it even hotter in person than she is on the television. She spoke very well, and got the crowd going. Sad thing is the only news that was covering her....the local station and Fox News. It is such a sad statement of how things are going when there is only one national news program that is following a Vpresidential candidate two days before the election.

So....anyways.. there's a little of what went on this weekend. Hopefully I'll be talking to you again tomorrow!

Happy Belated Halloween!