Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cool Map thingy!

Oooo so I just figured out how to put up this map that you can mark where you are when you visit my blog. It's cool go check it out. *link is on the profile area* ---->

Been an active day today. Got up early with Brad and made breakfast for us. Got the girls up and fed and dressed and we went for a walk down by the river. Was a beautiful morning. The sun is finally back after a two week hiatus. I guess he took an early vacation this year. The temperatures are getting back in the 70's and we didn't have to use a jacket today.

Came home had lunch and put the girls down for a nap. I caught up on the laundry..oh boy! and did some basic cleaning around the house. Lyanna and I did go sit outside and play a little. She likes to pick grass and let it fall through her fingers. She also likes to eat dirt..go figure.

Brad came home and we vegged in fron of the t.v. for a bit, had dinner and then off to softball practice. That's where I really got my exercise. Not playing softball but chasing Kenzie around. She is non-stop run girl. I can hardly keep up with her and watch the baby. I finally had to put her in the stroller and just give up.

My arms and legs are tired!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Part of a Story

I've put a few poems I've written here on the ole blog, but I've yet to post any of my prose, besides my basic rambling. One of the things I always worry about when I'm writing is if I am being descriptive enough. Can a person reading what I've written get a good mental picture. I really struggle with this at times and it has caused me to discard many a page.

Tonight, I am going to post for your reading enjoyment, a section of a sci fi/ horror type story that I started, but haven't gone very far. Maybe one chapter is finished. Might make it into an interesting short story some day. I think this is probably a pretty good descriptive paragraph. Don't laugh at me, cause it's about a monster. Hee hee!

As if this mental picture isn't enough, I reach behind me and feel the thickness of the door jamb. My new reality is slowly sinking in. For some yet unknown reason, I'm crouching in this corner. Wondering why, I look around. It's hard to really focus on anything. The halls are painted dark and flourescent lights are overhead. They are extremely dim and doing that annoying flickering thing, which drives me nuts. I can hear the clicking and humming of them going off and on. Then I realize I'm not alone.

Standing in front of me is a monster. It is enormous. Maybe it looks that way because I'm hunched down in fear, or maybe it's just that big. Its skin is very smooth, very glossy. It's flesh colored, but not exactly. It looks like someone who hasn't seen the light of the sun in a long time. There are also streaks of red covering its entire body, like its blood vessels are on the wrong side. I can't see any eyes, but I can't help but notice the mouth. I'm reminded of the alligators in the zoo. There are so many teeth. Its arms and legs are disproportionate to its body, they are long, thin, and end in claws. I guess it balances by the long segmented tail, which is whipping back and forth behind it.

That's all you get cause I think the rest of the story is kind of dumb still. It needs a lot of work.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Poem for you Today

I worked hard in my yard today. Dug two big holes to plant new roses. I am very tired so you get a poem today. Enjoy!

Reflections on Benini's "The Blue Room"

A distinct point.
Odd that it's the Blue Room...
Everything is white,

Because room is cold?
Too much white,
Too much grey,

Naked, echoes of the Why.
Rounded curves,
Softening the hard

Grand, white, and peeking in.
Seeking out the point,
Crowding in the arch of

Fleeting, turning inward
Like a leaf.
Signifying passes of

Electric cold color,
Leaving rose, leaving dancer,
Moving on and up and past

To light,

To warmth,

To Blue.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Continuing a "Meme"..I have the letter "N"

I am continuing a "meme" from here: F-f-fifty Something I have been given the letter "N". It's not as easy as it seems, "n" is a difficult letter to list 1o least for me it has been. I've really had to think about some of them and how to relate them to my life.

Here is my list in no specific order of importance:

1. Nostalgia -
My husband says I sometimes live in the 80's. Sort of like that song 1985..but I am not that woman in the song. I like to listen to 8o's music..pop, rock, alternative. It makes
me happy. I miss videos on MTV, not reality television, movies that didn't suck, and the body I had at 21.

2. Novel - As in reading them. I am a voracious reader. I prefer fiction, but I have been known to pick up a non-fiction tome now and again. Give me a good fantasy/sci - fi novel any day and I'm a happy woman.

3. Nesting - Something I'm good at doing. I can dig in and make a place my own quickly. I like my space and I like it to be comfortable like an old quilt to curl up in.

4. Nurturing - Something else I'm good at doing. It's what my full time job is now, nuturing my children....and my husband. It's what I did as a teacher..nutured growing minds.

5. Neurotic - The dictionary puts it plainly: A person prone to excessive anxiety and emotional upset. Um..this is me....ugh!

6. Nelson - This is my dad's name, and my grandfather's. Two people who helped make me the person I am today and that I greatly respect and admire.

7. Nationalist - Not hard core but...I believe that this country needs to concentrate on this country...not every other country's problems.

8. Nerd - As in Band Nerd, Sci - Fi Nerd, makes good grades in school nerd....Star Wars fanatic nerd....and as my husband so often calls me.... The Queen of Useless Knowledge.

9. Nativity - My faith is a big part of my life. Jesus' birth got that started. It also stands for just your birth in general...I lived in the town of my birth for twenty something has been a huge part of my life.

10. Nature - I'm a natural person. I grew up in "the Natural State". Most days you can find me in a t-shirt and jeans, no make -up...that's just me. I love to be outside digging in the dirt, growing flowers, vegetables, herbs. I love watching all the wild critters outside our home..we are so lucky to have 4 acres of wooded area. It's awesome to see deer, turkeys, and all the different birds.

So there's my want to keep the meme going give me a comment and I'll pass on a letter to ya.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was yesterday. It was icky here. Weatherwise that is... it was a nice Mother's Day. Brad's mom was here for the weekend. She flew up from Arkansas on Friday and left this afternoon. I think she had a great visit with the girls...they have changed so much since she saw them at Christmas. Lyanna is getting to be such a litte person.

Kenzie and Brad colored me a card. It is really cute and I love it! We all went to church and then out to eat for lunch. Not too much else. I called my mom and grandma, had a nice talk with them....realized how much I miss my family. Ugh...I need to take a trip home. It's just the thought of getting on a airplane totally freaks me out. I hate having anxiety like that. It's just stupid.

Was supposed to have Mom's group today, but I decided to stay home. I needed a break from all the running around. Some times you just need a lazy day at home. But was it really?? No.... I ended up taking Kenzie to the doctor again....oh wow, I haven't even talked about Kenzie's first real boo boo and having to make an emergency visit to the doctor for the first time. Hee hee!

Kenzie fell while carrying a ceramic bowl in the kitchen. She sliced her thumb pretty good and I thought she was going to need stitches. Took her in to the quickcare place and they just put the butterfly strips and some band aids on. That lasted about a day..... I thought it had gotten infected and thats why I took her back to the dr. today. It's not, she's doing fine, and I'm an overly worried first time mom.

Then we went to the grocery store. I love taking Kenzie to the store. We have such a good time. I tell her what everything is as I put it in the cart or as she points to things. Then she repeats it back to me. You should hear her try to say "avacado" it's the cutest thing ever.

Friday, May 12, 2006

What Planet Have You Been On?

Okay, I watch Oprah sometimes....I'm a stay at home's expected. I will not be watching her show again any time soon after this past Tuesday. It was all about marriage and how it goes wrong for women. I only made it through the first guest. Lance Armstrong's ex-wife: Kristin Armstrong.

I was thoroughly disgusted by what she had to say. How she tried to be the "perfect" wife and "lost herself" in the marriage.

This part of the interview was the point where I turned it off.

"What is the greatest conspiracy in modern history? Kristin says it's not Watergate or the assassination of John F. Kennedy—it's marriage."I think a conspiracy is anything that's shrouded in silence," she says. "I think women are awesome communicators. So why don't women talk to women about what it's going to take to not just make [marriage] work but make it great?"

Kristin says that in order to have a healthy marriage, husbands and wives have to find a balance between pleasing their partner and staying true to themselves.
"There isn't anything wrong with making sacrifices and working together. But I think as long as each person can hold onto themselves, and it's a mutual experience of growth—that's the beautiful part. That's the point."

Oprah says she never walked down the aisle because she didn't want to sacrifice herself and her feelings for a man. "I was in tears when I read [Kristin's article] because this is why I never got married," she says. "I just wanted to always be myself.""

Excuse me? We (women) don't communicate about marriage? Where was your mother? Where was your grandmother? Where were your friends who were married?????The women I know talk about their marriages all the time, sometimes too much. That is where I learned what makes a good wife and mother. Given, not everyone has a good role model....I was lucky. But you had to have had friends!! And lost yourself? I see you didn't lose yourself enough to go back to your maiden name. HA! What a joke. Sounds to me like someone is trying to push their book. And Oprah...I thought you were a strong woman. I guess I was wrong. Why can't you be yourself and be married as well? Your husband is supposed to compliment you and make you more...complete you.

I understand about failed marriages, I had a failed marriage. We made each other miserable, but not once did I feel like I was giving up my identity for him. I don't feel like I gave up my identity for my husband now. Just like you, Kristin: I gave up my job, sold my car, left my family, and moved far away from everything I had ever known with my new husband. You know what though, I am still me.

Unfortunately my husband is addicted to Dr. Laura. If you listen to her, she has some excellent suggestions on how to maintain an awesome marriage. I just read her book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands". I recommend it to any woman who is married, or getting married. I thought it was a great insight into how men think and how we women think. The great thing about it was that I was already doing most of the things she says a lot of women forget to do.

I just thought she was rather pathetic trying to say what she (Kristin) thinks makes a great marriage when she just fell flat in hers. Go pander your wares to someone else girl, this happily married woman ain't buying.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Nice Weekend

We have had a nice weekend. Saturday morning Susan came and picked me and the girls up and we went to some garage sales. I was trying to find some summer clothes for the girls but no such luck. Everyone seemed to have boy's clothing. We did find the cutest little tricycle for Kenzie. She saw it and went nuts. "My bicycle, my bicycle!" It was awesome. She also got to see live chickens for the first time. That was pretty cool too. Once again I love watching her experience things for the first time. Seeing things again through her eyes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Need Walls

Brad and I were discussing the whole illegal alien situation that's going on right now. Yes, a hot topic even in the Smith household. Brad thinks we should just pull a Ross Perot and build a "great wall" along all our borders. He even suggested putting up gun towers...but I believe that might be taking it a bit too far.

I had an idea. What if we built huge, gigantic containment fences like in Jurassic Park. You know the ones that were supposed to keep in the T-rex and the kids and Allen had to climb over. I say we don't put a current through them 24/ 7 but have sporadic bursts...that way no one ever knows when it's going to be electrified and it would be a better deterrent. Bunch of fricasied foreigners if they try to climb over.

We aren't sadistic or anything...

I don't know. Something needs to be done to make the situation better. I understand that people want to come here and make a better life for themselves...but why can't they do so legally? I don't believe it should be a felony to be caught here illegally but I do believe it should be a felony to hire someone who is here illegally. The whole thing is getting way out of hand.

On a different note: The girls are with the granparents tonight! Brad and I played in the yard and then drove over to the mall. We also went out to eat. It was nice. We are so tired though....came home and we are ready to crash and it isn't even 11 yet! The garden is doing so well. We had our first bloom on our strawberry plants!!! YAY!! I can't wait to have fresh berries! I hope the birds stay out of them.

I was going to put a cool picture I took of the strawberry flower but for some reason the picture loading isn't working bleh on it.