Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mexican Food and A Night Out With the Womenz

Food Day: What to write about. I went and ate Mexican tonight. I've never really been a big fan of Mexican food. When I was growing up we had a nice restaurant called the Red Pump. Best cheese dip I ever had...other than that I don't remember too much about it.... oh it had this really neat fountain in the foyer..with *drum roll* a red pump in it. Imagine that!

I would go to taco bell, and this other restaurant in Little Rock called ..umm...crap I can't remember what it was called. The only thing I remember about the place in Little Rock was that they had this little room with all kinds of toys and things in it. You could go to the room and pick out something to take home, and they had really cool candy.

When I got older I even worked at a Mexico Chiquito... but I still wasn't all that crazy about Mexican food. THEN... I had authentic Mexican. What a difference!!! What I had been eating was Tex-Mex. I love authentic! Tex - Mex kind of makes me sick and I think that's why I never really got into the whole Mexican food thing... but now I really enjoy it.

So..I had a really good day today! Kenzie was at the grandparents. She spent the night last night. Lyanna and I got up around 7 or so and she had breakfast and I did my super cardio "bootcamp" workout. Took a shower gave her a bath and then did some light cleaning up around here. Called the grands and they had no plans for the day. I asked if they would mind keeping both girls after lunch so I could go and get my hair cut, they said "of course!"

I was so happy! FINALLY I was getting my day of beauty! I went and had my hair layerd and highlighted. It looks so nice. Weird thing beautiful naturally straight hair is now naturally curly. What weird things pregnancy does to you..... hormones..who'd a thunk it?
I really like it too. It's cool to have a different kind of hair now, most people would spend good money on a perm to get the curls God gave me with my girls.

After the hair was done, I felt so good I decided to go do a little shopping. I found two pairs of shoes on sale and then I went to a little dress store. They have like 3 racks of clearance items. I found so many cute tops to get. I also found the most bestest pair of jeans! Since I have been pregnant I haven't worn anything tight. But these jeans fit so good, they made my butt look awesome! I knew I had to have them.

Then, Brad watched the girls tonight so I could go out to eat with my mom's group. We had a really good time. Lots of laughing and stories. It is so good to have some social time with other adults! I was going to take my camera so I could get a pic of everyone for the blog but..I forgot. Oh well, next time!


Brad Smith said...

Hey Baby that resturant in Little Rock with the cooliest "treasure box" room was called Casa Bonita. It was in the Asher plaza across from the Cinima 150. To those of you who are from Little Rock you will remember Casa B and the magical toy room. In my opinion it is the most awesome thing a 12 yr old kid could do; without gasoline and a GI Joe that is. :-0

Glad you had a great day and I look forward to many more. I lovems you! Brad

sherryandkaty said...

Well, that's what I was gonna tell you! Oh well. And dang do I miss the Red Pump! How much money did we blow there as teens? I'm sure you've been treated to the current Mexican place here, and it sucks. They cook for white people, so that's why. Last summer, and I am not making this up, we drove to Houston just to go to a little taqueria in south Houston to have the shrimp enchiladas for dinner. We knocked on my sisters door, crashed in her living room for the night, went to lunch at Joes Crab Shack the next day, and stopped off for to go boxes of shrimp enchiladas and drove back home. Crazy yeah, but when that's the lengths one must go to to get REAL Mexican food.....

Congrats on the hair, I wanted to do that, but... chicken I guess.

Terhune said...

Well Mexican food is really good and yes, I also miss the Red Pump.

Its good that you got your day off, been meaning to call you but I always think about it at like 11pm so I don't!

Casa Bonita was a cool place to go to. We need more Mexican resturants with treasure boxes.