Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Another Day and Hey look! I wrote something!

Well, it has been a looong day. The girls go to their new "school" on Tuesdays so I had the day to myself...sort of.

After a bazillion gallons of rain turned our back yard into a muddy mountain, the landscapers decided to dig in anyway. We have a few strips of grass left back there. They made a dirt road down the side of the yard for the bobcat to carry the many loads of brick down. I do have pictures now to share with you..but I'm still working on the presentation. So...at 8 am the trucks started lining up again. We even have a beautiful blue Port a potty in our back yard!! I'm was mortified when they brought it and left it at the end of the street yesterday instead of taking it down in the back.... WHAT are the neighbors gonna say if a Port a potty is left in the middle of our street!!!???!! But whew...they took it down below the mud pit today.

We also had part of the bar finished today. All that's really left is the plumbing, electrical, and the actual bar top...we'll see how long that takes to get done.

I had a meeting with one of my Mom's Club buddies to work on our webpage and a survey...was over at her house til around 1:30 or so..then grocery store. Managed to do some laundry and clean the girl's car seats...ick!!! So was a productive day too!

I am also working on a memorial of a sort that I will be sharing with you all soon.

Just because I haven't shared in so long here are two pictures of the girls.