Sunday, November 02, 2008

Something freezeth over....

Yep, I'm writing again. I have decided in my efforts to keep from totally losing my sanity in the crazy ass world we live in, I NEED to express myself through writing. It is an outlet for, I am going to put aside 15 minutes each day to try and get something blogged here for anyoone who happens to be around.

We had an AWESOME Halloween party Friday night. The basement was rockin'. As one friend put it..."you had line dancing in your know it was a great party."

We had a great group of people and almost everyone came in costume.

I will have pictures for you to enjoy. Don't have one of myself yet, hopefully one of my friends will send me one. I think I have pictures of everyone else though.

We had the bar offically open with a bartender and everything. It was actually a "stock the bar" Halloween party. We asked our friends to bring their favorite bottle of spirits or liqeur to stock the bar for this party and future gatherings. It was fun to see what everyone brought.

The girls stayed upstairs with the babysitter and went to bed no problems..amazing!!

We partied til about 1:30 am. Went to bed around 2...and Lyanna was up at 3....and then 4:30. THEN Kenzie was up at 7. I got up and fixed breakfast for the girls and tried to sleep on the couch while they watched cartoons. Wasn't going to happen..they would not leave me alone. I am still trying to recover some sleep.

Today: We went and saw Sarah Palin! Was very cool. Brad says she it even hotter in person than she is on the television. She spoke very well, and got the crowd going. Sad thing is the only news that was covering her....the local station and Fox News. It is such a sad statement of how things are going when there is only one national news program that is following a Vpresidential candidate two days before the election.

So....anyways.. there's a little of what went on this weekend. Hopefully I'll be talking to you again tomorrow!

Happy Belated Halloween!

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Bernie said...

Nice to see you're back! Happy November.