Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A trip back to August: The Girls' Birthday Party

This year Kenzie turned 4 and Lyanna turned 3. I like to let them pick their birthday theme so when the birthday magazine came in I let them look through it and tell me what they liked. Kenzie wanted Spiderman or Star Wars...Lyanna wanted Hello Kitty.... Not a good combination. We managed to find a compromise: Scooby Doo.

I found a place here that rented a Scooby Doo jump around. I made a Scooby cake and a Mystery Machine cake. We had the back yard totally done with the playground ready for all the kids to play.

We played pin the tail on Scooby, we had a Scooby pinata, we had a dogbone hunt, and a doggy bone drop game. It was alot of fun and I gave out prizes. I found two stuffed Scooby Doos and 2 Double feature Scooby Doo videos.

We had hamburgers and hot dogs and it was a blast! I think everyone had a great time.

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