Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Weird thoughts...

So..I have been wondering about this.. you know how everyone has an internal monologue. Well, I was watching my two baby girls and my oldest (16 months) was playing by herself, and talking away. It was the first time I really saw her playing and talking to herself like that and it put me to wondering. Does she have an internal monologue now? If she does when did it start? Does it sound like her own voice?

I have a 5 month old that makes gurgly noises...does she have an internal monologue? What would it sound like? gurgles? coos? Me?.... what does the voice inside her head sound like? I always thought mine sounded like me talking to myself..BUT...does it sound like my mom?

I brought this up to my husband the other day and he said I was loosing it. Spending too much time alone with just the babies....perhaps he is right. Anyway it's an interesting subject to think over.

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Nickey said...

I've wondered about that before too. Babies look like they're concentrating so hard sometimes. Sometimes when they look at you they look like they want to speak so badly, even when you know they don't understand the concept of speech. Even when they're laying by themselves, they seem to be deep in thought. Just like they're are totally and completely taking in the world around them and deciding their opinions on it. I guess there is so much mystery because we have no way of knowing what they're thinking, but sometimes looking at a baby they just have this look that says they know so much. They look as if they already have it all figured out, but I guess for that point in life they kinda do.

I guess there's no way they could logically have an inner monologue, because they don't know what words are or mean. That's why it's so mystical. Once we learn words we don't know how to think any other way. You can't go back to that. You can't think without words.

I always wonder how babies communicate with each other. I guess it works because they do it the same way. Without an adult interfering they seem to understand each other and size each other up. Which then reminds me, it's deeper than language. It's instinct. It's survival. That's how it starts.