Monday, November 10, 2008

One of the things that I did during my long hiatus from the blog world was attend my 20 year class reunion.

Now I have to say I did go to the 10 year and it was the pits for me. I was in a horrible place in my life at that time. It was right before I asked for my divorce. I was not a happy person at that time.

The 10 year was just what everyone always says it is....a "look at me and what I have done" reunion. Most of the people still seemed to fit right back into their roles from highschool.

The 20 year was not like that at all. Everyone was so much more open and excited about seeing each other. It wasn't about what you had, or how you looked, or what you did for a living. It was just people who grew up together having a good time together. We had sooo much fun!

We had a nice reunion website for our class and most of us took part in the message forum there. Many people are still using it after the reunion. I found some of my old pictures to put up for everyone to get a good laugh. I'm gonna share some of the old with some of the new for you.
You finally get to see some pics of little kid me.

We had so much fun together that I don't think we are gonna wait another 10 years....I think we will have a 25 instead. A bunch of people want to go and take a 40th birthday cruise together...Brad didn't seem to like the idea too much..I think he thought we had TOO MUCH fun....hmmmm.

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