Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dios Mio

Took the girls to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua yesterday. We usually go to the library for "story time" on Wednesdays but the library was closed for in service. I thought going to the movies would be a nice change for them.

The last movie I took them to was The Chipmunks last Christmas....Kenzie did go see Wall*E with her grandma....

Anyways...they did great. They stayed with me, were mostly interested in the movie (it totally kept their attention, which Chipmunks did NOT do), and sat in their seats very well. They talked out loud and laughed and yelled at the characters (appropriately) and it was pretty cute. There was just a couple of older women and us there so I wasn't too worried.

It was a cute movie, good for kids. It actually had a decent plot, and the animal characters were well developed. You actually had feelings for them and what they were going through. My favorite bit character was a long haired chihuahua named Montezuma, voiced by Placido Domingo....hows that for cool. Main character I liked best was probably the German Shepard, Delgado, voiced by Andy Garcia.

The think I couldn't get over was how much money it cost the three of us to go to a 12:20 in the afternoon movie. Whatever happened to matinee pricing...and kids under 5???

I mean it was one adult and two kids: ages 3 and cost us 18.00 bucks for tickets....then to get drinks and popcorn....

The kid size drinks were almost 5 bucks each... a bag of popcorn was 5 for the three of us it was cheaper to get the HUGE BIG ASS, GiGANTIC bucket of popcorn to share. Thoughtfully, they will give you two brown bags to share the popcorn out of the HBAG bucket.
So thoughtful....those drinks and the HBAGBP cost us another 19 bucks... so, basically for 2 toddlers and a mom going to a matinee it was $40.00 activity. That's ridiculous!!

No wonder NetFlix is thriving..who can afford to go out to movies? In this floundering economy? Ouch!!!

BUT...overall it was a good time, the girls loved it and that makes it all worthwhile to me.

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Quality time. I like it.