Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bats: A Disclaimer

I feel that I need to make some things known about the story "Bats". From the comments I have received from all of you, I have come to the conclusion many of you believe the story to be one of fact.

It is in "fact" a story of fiction. Yes, I did take those photos, and yes those are three foot bats....give or take an inch or two. They do reside in the Asian or African exhibit at the Colombus Zoo, but they were not captured at my home.

I have not met Jack Hannah in person, *how awesome that would be though*. I just have a good imagination and it would seem a persuasive way with the word.

Sorry if I mislead any of you, it was just a fun story I made up.


Terhune said...

Dad says, you suck. Seriously. He was all excited about you meeting Jack Hanna. We are going to cut the turkey without you.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Hey, this is me being fished in!

Ya got me!


Lee said...

In a way I feel horrible that so many folks believed it was a true story..even my own dad. He says he's taking my Christmas presents. But in another way it's kind of a compliment. So...thanks everyone!


elizinashe said...

Hell girl, don't feel bad...I thought it was fabulous! I'm anxiously awaiting a holiday story involving some reindeer and some monster 'deer poop'. hee-hee
How fun would that be? You should do one in the form of a Dr. Suess prose. Perhaps some of your fellow bloggers could help w/that.
I love you!

Jessica said...

How funny! There are people I know all over the Midwest and the Northwest Territories who have been talking about your bats. Matt and I would sit and talk about it and I would say, "What are the odds of that?" to which he would reply "Getting better all the time." We had a lot of fun imagining it all.

sherryandkaty said...

Nan!!!! You totally hooked me! Girl, I've told everyone I know about my cool ass friend who met Jack Hanna and took down an evil polluting company!