Tuesday, August 29, 2006


There are a lot of news shows right now showing Katrina Damaged areas 1 year later. I believe it is a good thing to bring people's attention back to that area and the people there. So much still needs to be done there, people still need help.

Another great event happened over that weekend last year. My daughter Lyanna Cole was born. It is good to think of both because during times of great turmoil and sadness, miracles and wonders do occur.

One year before my daughter Kenzie Claire had been born.

We celebrated their 1 year and 2 year birthdays on Saturday. In honor of their days I am going to tell the stories of their births. It may get a little long, but I want to put it here in honor of them.

Kenzie Claire Smith: August 27, 2004: 7lbs 10oz: 20 1/2 inches

I was beginning to have problems with my blood pressure right around my due date (Aug. 30). Due to these problems I had been on bedrest for about a week. Your doctor, Dr. Cabaniss, decided that it would be better for you if we went ahead and induced my labor.

I was admitted to the hospital on Thursday the 26th of August. They settled me into a birthing room, got my I.V. started and gave me a drug to help get things moving along. It was a long restless night for Brad and I. Poor Brad had only a small love seat to lay down on and I was just excited and restless about your arrival.

Early on Friday morning the nurses started me on the drugs to get the labor going full swing. Not much happened for a LONG time. We sat around and visited with your NaNa, Pop, Granpa, and Grandma. We watched "Finding Nemo" and "Starsky and Hutch'. I was given some kind of funky drugs that made me sleepy and loopy, I didn't like that very much so when they wore off I was very happy! The nurses gave me yummy popsickles and things were going okay.

I guess around 3 pm or so I began to have strong contractions. Brad and I wanted to do things as natural as possible. I wanted to try not to get an epidural so we were doing our breathing exercises. It was going really really well. I had my death grip on the bed and Brad's hand. He was counting with me and trying not to think of how much blood I had squeezed out of his hand when...things got kind of weird.

You decided to make things interesting and flipped right side up again, putting pressure on my diaphragm to where I couldn't catch a breath anymore...considering that was how I was keeping from totally losing it, not being able to breathe was a bad thing. Your blood pressure dropped and buzzers and lights and all kinds of alarms started going off. Nurses ran in and started checking all kinds of things....they made me turn over on the bed and get on all fours. It helped the pain some, but not much....it was supposed to help you flip back in the head down position because you were definitely on your way out.

The doctor said it was time for an epidural that because I was in so much pain and I needed to be able to rest, she recommended that I get one...so after about an eternity....the anethitist came in and gave me one. After that, and some oxygen, I was able to rest.

The next thing I knew it was time to start pushing... The craziness from before had really put a toll on me and I was more tired than I knew. I pushed and pushed and pushed, probably for about 45 minutes. Doc C had to get the vacuum thingy out to help.

You were finally born at 6:22 pm. The nurse lay you on my chest and Brad cut your umbilical cord. It was very a very stressful birth on you and me. You were turned head down, but you were facing the wrong way. Your little chest and face were bruised and you still weren't breathing all that well. They wisked you away to the nursery and put you under an oxygen tent for a few hours. After a few hours you were fine.

I wasn't doing too well either. It seems during the birth something caused me to start bleeding and I lost too much blood. When the nurses came back in to check on me I fainted. It was scary for a few days. I had to have 2 pints of blood and they kept me at the hospital for almost a week. Finally they deemed me well enough to go home and Brad brought us home.

I really don't have a very good memory of what happened during the actual birth and afterwards for about a month because I was so weak. You are going to have to ask your Daddy about it more.

That is the story of Kenzie's birth day. It was scary, exciting, and a miracle!

Lyanna Cole: August 26, 2005: 8lbs 11oz : 20 1/2 inches

Your Nana and Pop were here from Arkansas for your birth. Doctor Cabaniss thought for sure you were going to be here early...but you were still a no show and the grandparents were going to have to leave. I was not real happy about that, because your sister's birth had been so scary.

Unlike the first birth my body was already starting to get ready. I was dialated and soft *things you will learn about one day when you have a baby*. Brad and I went to see Doctor C one last time. She told us that she didn't think it would take much to put me in labor this time, so we said okay, lets induce again.

I went into the hospital at 6am on Friday, August 26. The nurses did all my paperwork, hooked up my I.V. and gave me a small dose of pitocin to get me going. That one small dose was all it took and we were going!

Once again Brad and I were trying to go as natural as possible. I didn't take any other drugs this time. We put our breathing exercises into practice and we did a great job! Your daddy is a very good coach. I did opt for the epidural this time. So, when my contractions were strong and steady, they gave me one.

Nana, Pop, Brad and I watched the morning shows, The Price is Right and we started watching the noon news when I started to have very strong contractions again and I NEEDED to push.

I told Brad it was time to push! He was so funny, he said "you can't push yet, there's nobody in here." My response to him was: "well then you better go and get them because it's TIME!"

He moved real fast then! Nana and Pop left, the two nurses came in and started getting the room ready for you. I kept telling them I needed to push and they told me to just do it. So I pushed all by myself this time. I was kind of worried because the doctor wasn't there yet and I knew you were coming.

Doc showed up and I pushed a couple more times and out you came! I pushed a total of 12 times with you...about 15 minutes total!! You were born at 12:47pm. You were loud and healthy! No problems this time at all. The nurses lay you on my chest and Brad cut your umbilical cord. I got to hold you and cuddle you before the nurses did all their stuff with you. They gave you right back to me and I got to nurse you right away.

Granpa and Grandma showed up shortly after with Kenzie. She was so happy to see you and gave you a big hug. It was an awesome, exhilerating experience.

That is the story of Lyanna's birth. I hope you enjoyed reading about both the girl's birth days. I thank God everyday for bringing them into my life. I can't imagine what it would be like without them. They are a joy and a wonder. I love you both more than you can ever know!

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ian said...

That's a lovely pair of stories, LeeAndra. I'd tell the stories of my children's births, but they would be told better by my wife. The latter two were just fine, but the first was very scary.