Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just some stuff

I am working on getting video of the concert up as I type. Hopefully I have found a good host site and will have something up for you shortly. YAY!

Please welcome "The Sutherland Report" to my list. Libby's husband and Brad went to college together. I have yet to meet Libby in person but we seem to have a lot in common. Welcome to the world of blogging Libby!

Thanks go out to Ian and Bernie for sharing their concert lists. No, Ian I do not think you suck. I just think you need to go to more concerts. Or...maybe going to concerts just isn't one of your "things". Bernie, I am jealous you have seen the ones on my "wish" list. Blech on you!

I have had a tough day. Got up and went to church. It was not an easy morning and church was kind of stressful. Not going to get into that. Came home and fed the girls. Brad had a meeting at 1 and then was going out to the hanger so, I was on my own with the girls.
Lyanna wouldn't eat so I went and put her in her crib with a bottle. Kenie ate and then I took her up and put her down for a nap as well. Only problem, she never went down and made so much noise she woke up Lyanna. Ugh!! I did everything I knew to try and get them to sleep. No deal. Finally, I loaded them up in the car and took them for a drive. Drove for about an hour and Kenzie fell asleep when we were 5 minutes from the house again. It was 3:30 in the afternoon....Lyanna was still awake so I just put her in the playroom.

Brad came home around 4:30 or so and I loaded up the baby and went to the grocery store. Wouldn't you know it...Lyanna fell asleep on the way there. I had to wake her up when we got there to go inside. She NEVER took a nap today. Needless to say she was loopy the rest of the evening.

I want to add some other things to my sidebar... I'm debating how I want to do it. I like the idea of having what I'm reading over there. Not that what I read is all that cool or anything. I'll work on that after I figure out the video and picture stuff.

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Bernie said...

Blech accepted :)

Would you be more upset if I told you I got tickets to most of those concerts for free? I was a radio DJ during the 1970s, 80s and 90s and we used to get tickets to everything. The good old days. Some DJs still get free concert tickets, but it's not as free-flowing as it was then. I'm still in radio but not regularly a DJ anymore. My station plays country music so sometimes I get tickets to country shows. And I realize how lucky I am.