Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just some Randomness Today's been a few days. Hrmmmm...... let's see. Kenzie's favorite new phrase is: "I LOVE IT!" She especially "loves it" when "it" has anything to do with the color pink. Pink has become her favorite color, purple running a close second.

Lyanna is as cute as ever. She has the best laid back and content. She just chases Kenzie all around trying to keep up with her. No matter how many times she trips, get pushed, or just falls she just gets right back up and laughs.

We are still fighting the poopy incidents. I have done so researching and even though she has discovered the poop everything I read tells me she isn't ready for potty training. She just has no interest in the potty chair, or sitting on it, or where the poop comes from....etc. She also won't tell us when she goes. Everything I have read seems 100% agreed on that point. She has to be telling us when she goes..... dang it! We have resorted to putting her in footie pajamas that zip up. That way she can't get into her diapers. See, we parents can outsmart our kids sometimes.....

My husband is the awesomest, by the way. No matter how much he drives me nuts sometimes and no matter how badly I want to beat him upside the head with a cast iron skillet, he is still the bestest. He'll know why he gets kudos when he read this. Love you baby!

New laptops are awesome too. I love mine!! It is all red and shiny and has pretty lights and cool fishes that swim around for a screen saver. Very cool and much happiness is felt by me.
Gotta love high def screens!!

I still can't get other pictures to load on that last post. Is it just me or do other people have problems with loading pictures on the blogs? It is very frustrating.


Bernie said...

Sometimes I've had problems posting pictures too, yet sometimes there is no problem (like my most recent post).

By the way, I liked you "4s" post. It does appear at least 3 of us tagged you on that one.

ian said...

When I was having problems uploading pictures to Blogger, I tricked it by uploading the pictures to a different site and then hotlinking to them instead of loading them directly into Blogger. The only problem is that some antivirus software blocks hotlinked images unless you configure it to permit it on a site-by-site basis. [/geekspeak].

We used to play the video (and later, the DVD) of Once Upon A Potty for our kids and eventually it made an impression.