Saturday, August 26, 2006

Biological Warfare

My goodness, it has been a rough few days. Thursday afternoon I began feeling naseous. No biggie, I thought, just a typical stomach ache. I've been having tummy troubles ever since I was about 5. I'm used to them. This time that was not the case. It got worse and worse. I lay down on the couch in the living room and prayed that Brad would be home soon so he could watch the girls. It was all I could do to get up and change them, the poor things.

He made it home and all hell broke lose. I got so sick, puking more in one night than I have in probably twenty years. Then Lyanna began to puke too. Brad was trying to get Kenzie bathed and in bed, I was trying to rock Lyanna and soothe her, but it is hard to soothe someone when you are just as sick as they are.

Lyanna and I ended up laying in our bed on top of three different blankets with Brad to watch over us. It was horrible. Of course Brad got whatever it was the next day.

Luckily it was only a 12 hour bug....but my goodness it drained your whole body of all your energy. Ugh!! Luckily Kenzie never had the puking....

We are so glad that it has run it's course through the family and we hope and pray that whatever kind of bug it was never comes back.

As Brad said, that's the kind of thing that could be used for biological would just totally debilitate a large group of people in close daily contact with each other. Nasty nasty bug!

I would't wish that on anyone.

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ian said...

I feel your pain...

Friday afternoon, my wife was called to school to collect my daughter, who had thrown up. In spite of this, my in-laws took her and the boys on a camping trip. Last night she was up sick again, and by morning my youngest had it too. They're troupers, though, and so are my in-laws as they still have the kids.

I remember one day in particular where the entire day was defined by bodily fluids. To wit: my youngest (still a baby) was running a fever so he couldn't go to day care. I dropped off my daughter and headed on toward kindergarten for my oldest. On the way there he puked all over himself. So I pulled over and started trying to get him cleaned up when the baby threw up all over himself. At this point my car smelled hideous and I had to drive back home with the windows down so I didn't blow chunks myself. We got home and I opened the door to discover that the dog had peed on the rug. I got my oldest to go start the shower and plunked the baby down in his swing while I started cleaning the dog's mess. The baby then puked AGAIN all over himself, his swing, and the carpet below.

As I recall, the day went downhill from there.