Friday, August 18, 2006

Concert Stuff

Tom Petty was awesome!!! Go ahead and make fun of me for going to see someone that old, and YES, Tom was looking pretty frail, I don't care! That concert kicked much ass. Brad and I had a great time. I'm ready to go again. Some of my friends here and my brothers made fun of us for going to see Tom Petty. They think he is a has been and we are getting old.... one of my friends even said something about us having to fight our way through the walkers and canes to get to our seats.... BLAH on that one. We were right up front on about the 5th row, just left of center stage....awesome seats. Got some great photos and video clips. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up here for you guys to see.

Was an interesting trip. Tip to everyone....reserve your room ahead of time! We didn't do that this time and almost ended up having to sleep in the van....*down by the river*. There were more people at that concert than have ever been in that venue before and there were no rooms anywhere. Considering there were only 5 hotels in the immediate area...totally understandable. We got the last room available. I was very happy! We also saw a nasty head on collision. Got to watch as the firemen dragged a person out of the car and put them on the stretcher...kinda freaky. Other than that was a great outing for us.

Got paid one of the best compliments by a kid standing in a group of his buddies. As we walked by he says: "I hope my wife looks like that when I'm 42." Now, it was kinda crappy that he put our ages at 42, but I decided to take it as an overall compliment. Coming from someone who looked all of 16, it had to be.

Going to this concert got me to thinking...who all have I seen in concert. is a list, not really a meme or anything like that, but I'm gonna give you all my list *the good, the bad, and the 80's* and I'd like to see yours. Besides the first one, this list is in no particular order. Link me if you make one! Yes, I know I was a semi metal head......I was in highschool between the years 84 and 89 everyone was! There is also a huge gap... from when I was married the first time til I met Brad...didn't go to concerts besides Green Day.... I don't know why my first hubsand and I didn't....

1st concert ever: Loverboy / The Hooters

1. Bryan Adams
2. Joan Jett
3. Cinderella *twice*
4. Def Leppard
5. Motley Crue
6. Poison *twice*
7. White Snake
8. Great White
9. Rod Stewart
10. Elton John
11. Billy Joel
12. David Lee Roth *twice*
13. Robert Plant
14. James Brown
15. The B 52s
16. The Romantics
17. Spin Doctors
18. Warrant
19. Green Day
20. Dave Matthews
21. Tom Petty
22. Allman Brothers

My most favorite concert would be Robert Plant.
Top three:

1. Robert Plant
2. Elton John/ Billy Joel
3. *tie* Tom Petty and David Lee Roth (Eat em and Smile tour)

Groups I never saw and wish I had: (I'm trying to stick to groups that were around when I discovered music up til now..there may be a few older than that)

1. Duran Duran *yes, I was a huge fan. They were plastered all over my walls. Get off my ass, those guys were HOT*
2. The Police
3. Billy Idol
4. Eurythmics
6. The Cure
7. Depeche Mode
8. Journey
9. Bon Jovi *back in the day, not now*
10. Led Zepplin
11. Styx
12. Pink Floyd
13. The Eagles
14. Fleetwood Mac
15. The Cars
16. Michael Jackson *Thriller of course*

Hrmm....that's all I can think of right now. If I think of anything else I'll write about it later.


ian said...

My concert list is, sadly, lacking in the number of artists.

My first:
Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys (go ahead, laugh).

** Pseudo Echo (remember them? One-hit wonders with a cover of funkytown)
** Tesla (I remember specifically because it was the same day Stevie Ray Vaughn died)
** Van Halen (FUCK and OU812 tours)
** Rush (Presto, Roll The Bones, Counterparts, Test For Echo tours - I missed Vapor Trails and 30th Anniversary, dammit)
** Blondie and The New Cars (just a couple months back)

And I really think that's it. Wow, I suck.


Bernie said...

I've always wanted to see Tom Petty, but haven't. I HAVE seen some acts on both of your lists:
Joan Jett (met her too-very nice)
Rod Stewart
Billy Joel (best show on this list)
James Brown (big disappointment)
Allman Brothers
The Police
The Eagles
Fleetwood Mac
Michael Jackson

I might post my list on my blog. I love live music (but hate crowds).

Nickey said...

Ok here's my list- I'm putting it on my blog!

Reba (4 times)...yes, it was worth every time
Brooks & Dunn (twice)...not by choice, they were with Reba
Terri Clark (2 or 3)
Rhett Akins (who?...yeah I know, lol)
Brad Paisley (with Reba)
Steven Curtis Chapman
Dixie Chicks
Kid Rock
Mindless Self Indulgence
Program the Dead
Bowling for Soup
Riddlin' Kids
American H-Fi