Monday, March 05, 2007


Monday, Monday, Monday...

I should like Mondays more than I do. My babysitter comes on Monday and I get to have some free time away from home and the girls. It just seems like I can never get far enough away or long enough away to truly benefit from it. I love my girls sooooooo much, but sometimes I just need that seperations. An over night trip away would be good.

I know it is coming soon. Two weeks and the grandparents will be home. YAY!! I miss having them here, and not just because they keep the girls. I miss them because I love them and miss their company. My mom-in-law is awesome and fun to hang out with.

Okay so it's 11:15 I put it on the Discovery Channel because the show about the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" was supposed to be isn't on. Some show about global warming and the melting of the arctic caps is on instead. Not that it isn't interesting, but not what I wanted to watch.


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