Friday, March 09, 2007

Flashback Friday: October 1: for Diner Girl

It is Flashback Friday again. Per her request, I am going to post an August journal entry. I am still debating on which one I am going to put on here... I just haven't decided which one is interesting enough, and if it is interesting, that it is something I want the general public reading...some things are just too private.

I'm just having a hard time finding something....maybe I'll just put up a poem or something...sorry DG...that was a bad date.

So..I'm working on it and it will be up, but maybe not til tomorrow morning.

Also, if anyone else had a date for me let me know. Otherwise I'm going to just start picking random dates for Flashback Friday. It's more fun it I have to go and hunt down something.

This poem was started on October 11, 2002. It was "finished" sometime in January 2003. It is currently untitled.

Happiness overwhelming
Outshadows the fear
that tries to creep
into my emotions.
Blissful chaos
You set in motion
never knowing
that one click away
was me.
Routines shattered gladly
trails of stagnation
lost in the void of loneliness
falling further behind.

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Diner Girl said...

If August 19 doesn't work, you could do October 1, which for some reason has always been my favorite day of the year.