Sunday, March 11, 2007

Found Something and other Ramblings on a Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon

Okay, I found something for you Diner Girl. It is a poem I started in October of 2002. Not sure when I "finalized" it. Sometime shortly after January of 2003. It is down in the Flashback Friday post...title for you. :) I just changed the date...I am keeping August in mind because I haven't gone ALLLLLL the way back to my pre puberty writings....which are hilarious I might least to me.

It is another beautiful day here. I wish it was just a little warmer. The sun is out and the sky is cobalt blue. Not a cloud to be seen.


Terhune said...

If you are gong ot post poetry on here you need to post that one you did for the Art's Festival when you got ROBBED!!!! (did I spell robbed right?) Blah I am working on something for you :) I hope to have it done by next week and then I will mail it to you and let you decide if you want to put it up on your blog, or I can put it on mine. Don't you love a tease :)

velvet girl said...

Blue skies are the best, especially with the promise of spring so close by. :)


Diner Girl said...

Awwwwww, thanks for my Flashback Friday poem!! Love it!