Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flashback Friday: For Your Amusement: 1983

Alrighty, I missed Friday, so you get something from the vault today. It was a wierd couple of days around here for me....

This is a delightful little story I wrote (I'm guessing here) in 1983. I was 13 years old and in the 8th grade. I'm guessing it was around Halloween. I will add more comments after the story because I don't want to give anything away. *said while laughing my ass off and hubby says..what is so funny.....* and oh yeah, I will not correct any grammar or usage errors.

I wish I could show you the picture I drew to go with it.....Oooo wait I'll take a picture and put it on here. (it was written in red marker so I had to put it in red here as well)

Never go into the Cemetery

Right at midnight the two boys crept into the cemetery. Neither one of them noticed the open grave or the dark figure hiding in the shadows.
As the boys silently and un-suspecting tiptoe around the graveyard, the dark figure half chuckles to itself. One of the boys jumped,
"Did you say something?" he asked.
"No," said the other, "you're just imagining things."
Suddenly the boys are falling into a grave, just as they fall the dark figure leaps in after them..

The next day the caretaker notices one of the graves had been dug up. He quickly called the police and they investigated. Soon they come upon the two bodies of the boys. They called the local doctor, Dr. Wilson, to see if he can figure out what happened.
In his mansion, later that night, the doctor discovers two small puncture marks in the neck of each boy, also they had suffered a severe blood loss.
Quickly the doctor runs to a case full of books, and picks a book titled "Vampires". He soon realized his hunch was correct.
He then set about to warn the people of San Gordon about the blood thirsty monster.
He went and told his wife Ethel, but she just said his work was getting to him. When his wife wouldn't believe him the doctor decided to take things into his own hands.....

That night somewhere else in town a youngman was walking home from a party. Suddenly a lady appeared before him all dressed in black.
"Good evening," said the lady in a whispery voice.
"Hello," said the youngman, and he continued on.
Everyonce in awhile he would look behind him and there would be the same woman following him.
Now came the part of walking home he hated, going past the cemetery. But tonight a strange force was calling him into the cemetery, Maybe I'll go rest on one of the tombstones for awhile he thought to himself....

It just so happened at this time the doctor strolled past the cemetery and heard someone screaming. He rushed to the youngman's rescue just in time to see a dark figure slip away into the night....

That next moring the doctor brought the youngman in to talk to. He explained to the man that he thought the lady that had followed him was a vampiress and would the youngman help him catch her. Of course the yougman was more than happy to help....

That night the two hid in some bushes in the cemetery. About midnight they started hearing strange noises. After that night no one ever heard of the two men again.
It didn't take long for Ethel to figure out that what her husband had said was true, so she read up on vampires, and went into the graveyard with a shovel, mirror, stake, and hammer.....

When she got there she started digging the grave where the bodies of the boys had been found, and sure enough when she opened the casket there lay the woman all dressed in black.
The woman gave no reflection in the mirror, so Ethel quickly hammered the stake deep into the heart of the vampiress
Now there was peace in San Gordon, well at least for a while......

I hope you enjoyed my little horror tale. Some observations:

When I wrote this I was already deep in my fascination with vampires. I love vampire movies, books, legends. I'll have to remember to talk about that more..I really like the fact that my villain was a female instead of a male.

My sense of is a little strange. Ethel as my comic relief is hilarious to me now. I guess I knew I had to have something to ease the suspense/horror of my story..thus Ethel.
So..tell me what you think.


sherryandkaty said...

How cute! Most kids that age still view most villains as men, but you've never been like everyone else. Thoroughly enjoyable story! My Emily got a kick out of it too.

Aprill said...

Great story! I was wondering why you chose the name Ethel ... I kinda snickered when I first read it. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. :)