Saturday, March 24, 2007

Family Bowling Night

Tonight was MOMs Club Family night. We went out to eat with the hubbys and then we went bowling. There were 24 of us at the restaurant and then 5 more joined us at the bowling alley.

It was a blast! It's not often that we have an outing where the WHOLE family goes. I think the husbands had the most fun. Let's see....there were 6 families all total.

The kids bowled on two lanes *with bumpers*, the moms on one, and the dads on another. Brad was so proud of himself, he won on the dad's lane. I didn't bowl, I chased Lyanna around for about a half hour, took her for a stroller ride for another half hour, and then entertained Kenzie.

Kenzie thought the bowling was cool, but for some reason she was scared to go and roll the ball. So...instead she ran around goofing off. It is an extremely small bowling alley. I think there are 8 lanes total and it's upstairs from another restaurant, so she didn't have a whole lot of places to go.

This is Kenzie with a party hat she finaggled from the other party that was there, eating a blue fruit snack....I can't believe she is actually sitting down.

Anyway it was fun and Brad says we need to do that more often.


velvet girl said...

Wow, I haven't been bowling in ages! Sounds like fun. It's a shame that you didn't actually get to bowl. Is it your turn to bowl next time? ;)

Terhune said...

I hope its her turn to bowl next time! Keke's hair is getting looooong. I like the party hat by the way, leave it to a niece of mine to weasel a party hat from another party - wonder where she gets that from?

Love you guys!

~ Terhune

Lee said...

You know, it just depends on what the kids decide to do wether or not I get to bowl. I didn't feel like I was missing out on too much this time. I'm not that great at bowling anyway. Hee hee!

T- Ki Ki's hair is really long! Now if Lyanna will just start growing some!

Oh and if April stops by! Thanks for reading and welcome to my Blog thingy.