Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Room and a Big Girl Bed

My 3 year old was still sleeping in her crib until this week. She finally figured out she could climb out of the bed. Everytime she climbed out she went wandering around the house. The wandering wouldn't have been so bad if she could keep crap out of her mouth.....which for some reason she can't. I had to call the stupid poison control because she tried to brush her teeth with acne medicine....
The poison control person said she would be fine, but her mouth might be a little irritated. Brad says: "Well at least she won't have pimples on her teeth." Ha ha!

So.....anyway.... we knew it was time for her to move out of the nursery and have her own room and a big bed.

Luckily her crib evolves into a nice double bed, so we spent today setting up her new room. It turned out really really cute and she absolutely ADORES it. We were so glad that she did, and so far so good, she hasn't tried to crawl out of bed and go wandering.....we do have a tension gate on the door though.
UPDATE: She has gotten out of bed twice....this last time she wandered down the stairs to where we were watching t.v. She had managed to climb out of bed, over the gate, and was down to just a diaper...where or where had the jammies gone? So....I took her back up to her bed, changed her diaper, got her dressed. Took the chair out of the room she used to climb over the gate, re arranged the bed, and then Brad comes in and lays down with her. Hopefully she'll go to sleep with him in there with her...we'll see.

Wish us good luck with the big change!


Kelly O said...

Wow, that looks like the PERFECT girl's room!

Lee said...

Thanks Kelly!

I know I would have loved it at her age, so that was how I picked things out. :)


elizinashe said...

hmm..sounds like you have a very determined and curious young lady on your hands! I wonder where she gets that from...??
Good Luck! Love ya!! Leahe

sherryandkaty said...

Sheesh, that's the only thing Katy wasn't developmentally delayed on...escape. She started climbing out of her crib by 18 months. She wasn't even walking, but she could scale the crib! Count your blessings you managed to keep Kenzie contained that long! Cute girly room!

Jessica said...

Oh boy! Her room looks beautiful. Good luck with this new venture. Jessica