Sunday, July 30, 2006

There's something in the air......

No it's not the smell of poop...although that may be lingering around in some areas of the living room. EWWWWWW!!!!!!

I think it's the sound of grunts and groans, whistles, and the loud SMACK as bodies collide with great force.... *no it's not sex either*'s FOOTBALL!!! Camps are in, high schools are having two-a-days, colleges are practicing again, NFL is on ESPN and the Fantasy mags are out on the shelves. WHOOooo HOOooooo!!! I'm not really excited or anything.

I LOVE Football season. I'm not that into college, but totally into pro. My husband and his buddies have ruined me though. They got me to play fantasy football in their league. This fall will be my fourth year to play. I think.....hrmmm, I can't remember how many years I've played. I'm an idiot. ...

I used to have my favorite teams that I cheered on and watched. Now I know all the players, their positions, their's pathetic. I'm so competitive. I've done pretty well each year...last year was not the greatest, but it was okay. I didn't have such a great draft but this year I feel it's going to be much better!

I can't wait for preseason to start...Brad and I are even talking about going to some of the games this year. We are so close to some of the venues. I've never been to a pro game but he has. We can go to Cleveland, Cinnci, Pitt, Charlotte... would be so cool!

Also, I am not preggers this year....the past two years we've had to schedule our draft around my due date. Too funny!! The guys are not too sympathetic about a babys arrival. Somehow it has always worked out though. I was soooooo pregnant last year when we drafted. I can remember wobbling around the house and trying to find a comfortable position on the couch to use the laptop. It was not a pretty sight. I kept having to get up and go to the bathroom....I'd yell at Brad..."how much time do I have til it's my turn?" He would laugh at me. Hooray for not sharing a bladder anymore! Hooray for Football!!

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ian said...

I love pro football too (as long as it's my own local team, the schizophrenic Denver Broncos). And even better, it's only a month until NHL training camp starts! Woohoo for the two best sports ever!