Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I am alive!

I am alive and sort of doing well. We have been plagued by many computer problems for the past month. The hard drive has crashed on us twice, but I think we have it up and running again. Thank goodness we have an external drive that holds all our photos and writings! I haven't been doing much writing with the computer down. Just been feeling a little under the weather lately. Nothing majorly wrong...just got a case of the blah's. I started writing for the 100 day writing challenge, then got very discouraged with the crashes and haven't done anything else.

My parents were here all last week. We had a really good time together. They had a lot of good times with the girls. I know it's hard for them to be so far away from them. It's hard for me too because I miss them. It was kind of a crazy week, the girls both were sick and having guests threw them off their normal routines. I took Kenzie to the doctor on Tuesday I believe... she just started crying and crying and crying and crying and wouldn't stop. That was not like her at ALL!! Doctor checked her all out and finally decided she had a viral infection and a bad bad tummy ache. Took care of that and then Thursday night Lyanna broke out in hives and turned red and swollen. I thought she was having an allergic reaction to peanut butter so off to the emergency room we went. She did have a reaction, don't know for definite what from, but we got some good meds for her as well. Now they are back to normal and being their cute little selves.

It has been so hot here. Every afternoon after their naps I have been letting the girls swim in the little pool we bought them. It's an inflatable pool about 10'X3'. They love it! Lyanna sits in her little boat and walks around, and Kenzie splashes and plays with her cups.

Those of you keeping up with our garden: we have our first little green tomatoes!! There are about 5 of them growing now. The cabbages are also doing very well. I just don't know when I'm supposed to harvest them. Hopefully I won't have another "broccoli" episode.

We took the girls to the Columbus Zoo this past Saturday. Oh my Goodness it was HOT!!!! The hottest day we have had so far t his year, we are at the zoo. The girls had a really good time though. They saw the Elephants, tigers, gorillas, apes, snakes, manatees....and other assorted animals. Kenzie was in awe of the aquarium fish. She thought those were the coolest.

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ian said...

Welcome back, LeeAndra...again...

Hang in there - it sounds like you're back on the upswing again. Sorry to hear about the illness and discomfort of the kids; I hate when mine are sick!

Don't sweat the 100-Day challenge. It's a pretty daunting task. Instead, use this time to get into a rhythm of writing something every day, even if it's only a paragraph or a few lines of poetry. This gets you into the habit and then you can gear up to do National Novel Writing Month with me in November.

("What?!", I hear you cry)