Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Everybody Poops

Check it out, it's Kenzie and me at the stables. She loved the horses and I think it would be very cool if we got her riding lessons when she gets a little older.

We had a lovely time that day, and both girls were so worn out from our activities (we went to MickeyD's...UGH..afterwards) that they slept the whole night through.

Yes, I did say: THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH!!!! Can you believe it! Finally, Lyanna is sleeping through the night. (now that I wrote it she will probably wake me up about 20 times this evening.) It has been so wonderful to sleep the whole night without dragging myself out of bed and sleeprocking my children back to sleep. The wierd thing about it that I'm getting a good whole night's sleep, I am more tired during the day. I truly believe my body has become used to the sleep interruptions. It's just going to have to adjust itself again.

Now that I've spoken about the good things...let me tell you about Kenzer's new favorite activity. She has become aware of poo poo in her diaper. She doesn't like it there. She won't tell you if she's pooped. These three things combine to create a huge poop catastrophe.

The girl digs the poop out of her diapers and then freaks out that it's on her hands and starts trying to wipe it off on anything that she can. This morning was the worst yet. I put her in her crib so I could take a quick shower. Made it through the shower, checked on her, she was okay. In the time it took me to get dressed she had pulled off her diaper, smeared poo across the whole top of her mattress, her blanket, her Tigger, her bear, her Boo, and Jeff (her Wiggles doll). She had also managed to cover her arms, feet, and legs. It was soooooooooo disgusting!!! Considering that I had just showered....I had to carefully remove her from the corner of the bed she was cowering in...trying desperately to GET AWAY from the poop....and place her on her changing table. Wipe her down the best I could and get her to the tub. Then I put her in the other crib with Lyanna while I stripped everything off her bed and washed them. I hope this stage doesn't last very long.... we have bought the Potty chairs..Please pray for us. Pray hard that potty training works, FAST. I seriously don't want to do that again any time soon.

The rest of the day was rather nice. I had the babysitter come so Brad and I could go and look at the proofs of the pictures we had taken of the girls. The pictures were awesome, too bad there was only one of them together. So...we are going to have another sitting. I hope that Kenzie is more agreeable this time. She was the main problem last time. She just is so curious about everything and wanted to check all the stuff out in the studio.

Came home and the girls were visited with the sitter *so nice to have some adult conversation* ...sent her home and went out and messed around in the garden. No ripe tomatoes yet....I am trying to be patient.

Brad came home and ate dinner then was off again. I actually got the girls to go to sleep before 9 pm and I have had the entire house to myself!! AWESOME!! I miss quiet time like this sometimes. I don't miss living alone, but I do miss the quiet time.

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ian said...

I hope you'll forgive me if I LMAO at your poop tale. With three kids, the most recent of whom is on the "tail" end of potty training, I've pretty much experienced the gamut myself - diapers taken off in the middle of the night and flung to the floor, etc.

Yes, everybody poops, but the volume toddlers produce is all out of whack compared to what they actually eat (the toddler diet, as far as I can tell, is Cheerios and air).