Tuesday, May 02, 2006

We Need Walls

Brad and I were discussing the whole illegal alien situation that's going on right now. Yes, a hot topic even in the Smith household. Brad thinks we should just pull a Ross Perot and build a "great wall" along all our borders. He even suggested putting up gun towers...but I believe that might be taking it a bit too far.

I had an idea. What if we built huge, gigantic containment fences like in Jurassic Park. You know the ones that were supposed to keep in the T-rex and the kids and Allen had to climb over. I say we don't put a current through them 24/ 7 but have sporadic bursts...that way no one ever knows when it's going to be electrified and it would be a better deterrent. Bunch of fricasied foreigners if they try to climb over.

We aren't sadistic or anything...

I don't know. Something needs to be done to make the situation better. I understand that people want to come here and make a better life for themselves...but why can't they do so legally? I don't believe it should be a felony to be caught here illegally but I do believe it should be a felony to hire someone who is here illegally. The whole thing is getting way out of hand.

On a different note: The girls are with the granparents tonight! Brad and I played in the yard and then drove over to the mall. We also went out to eat. It was nice. We are so tired though....came home and we are ready to crash and it isn't even 11 yet! The garden is doing so well. We had our first bloom on our strawberry plants!!! YAY!! I can't wait to have fresh berries! I hope the birds stay out of them.

I was going to put a cool picture I took of the strawberry flower but for some reason the picture loading isn't working tonight...so bleh on it.

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