Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was yesterday. It was icky here. Weatherwise that is... it was a nice Mother's Day. Brad's mom was here for the weekend. She flew up from Arkansas on Friday and left this afternoon. I think she had a great visit with the girls...they have changed so much since she saw them at Christmas. Lyanna is getting to be such a litte person.

Kenzie and Brad colored me a card. It is really cute and I love it! We all went to church and then out to eat for lunch. Not too much else. I called my mom and grandma, had a nice talk with them....realized how much I miss my family. Ugh...I need to take a trip home. It's just the thought of getting on a airplane totally freaks me out. I hate having anxiety like that. It's just stupid.

Was supposed to have Mom's group today, but I decided to stay home. I needed a break from all the running around. Some times you just need a lazy day at home. But was it really?? No.... I ended up taking Kenzie to the doctor again....oh wow, I haven't even talked about Kenzie's first real boo boo and having to make an emergency visit to the doctor for the first time. Hee hee!

Kenzie fell while carrying a ceramic bowl in the kitchen. She sliced her thumb pretty good and I thought she was going to need stitches. Took her in to the quickcare place and they just put the butterfly strips and some band aids on. That lasted about a day..... I thought it had gotten infected and thats why I took her back to the dr. today. It's not, she's doing fine, and I'm an overly worried first time mom.

Then we went to the grocery store. I love taking Kenzie to the store. We have such a good time. I tell her what everything is as I put it in the cart or as she points to things. Then she repeats it back to me. You should hear her try to say "avacado" it's the cutest thing ever.

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ian said...

Hi LeeAndra!

Thanks for commenting on my own blog! I've added yours to my list of daily checkers.

You just have the two kids? I've got three, myself. Yep. One more than I have hands. I must be insane.