Friday, May 19, 2006

Continuing a "Meme"..I have the letter "N"

I am continuing a "meme" from here: F-f-fifty Something I have been given the letter "N". It's not as easy as it seems, "n" is a difficult letter to list 1o least for me it has been. I've really had to think about some of them and how to relate them to my life.

Here is my list in no specific order of importance:

1. Nostalgia -
My husband says I sometimes live in the 80's. Sort of like that song 1985..but I am not that woman in the song. I like to listen to 8o's music..pop, rock, alternative. It makes
me happy. I miss videos on MTV, not reality television, movies that didn't suck, and the body I had at 21.

2. Novel - As in reading them. I am a voracious reader. I prefer fiction, but I have been known to pick up a non-fiction tome now and again. Give me a good fantasy/sci - fi novel any day and I'm a happy woman.

3. Nesting - Something I'm good at doing. I can dig in and make a place my own quickly. I like my space and I like it to be comfortable like an old quilt to curl up in.

4. Nurturing - Something else I'm good at doing. It's what my full time job is now, nuturing my children....and my husband. It's what I did as a teacher..nutured growing minds.

5. Neurotic - The dictionary puts it plainly: A person prone to excessive anxiety and emotional upset. Um..this is me....ugh!

6. Nelson - This is my dad's name, and my grandfather's. Two people who helped make me the person I am today and that I greatly respect and admire.

7. Nationalist - Not hard core but...I believe that this country needs to concentrate on this country...not every other country's problems.

8. Nerd - As in Band Nerd, Sci - Fi Nerd, makes good grades in school nerd....Star Wars fanatic nerd....and as my husband so often calls me.... The Queen of Useless Knowledge.

9. Nativity - My faith is a big part of my life. Jesus' birth got that started. It also stands for just your birth in general...I lived in the town of my birth for twenty something has been a huge part of my life.

10. Nature - I'm a natural person. I grew up in "the Natural State". Most days you can find me in a t-shirt and jeans, no make -up...that's just me. I love to be outside digging in the dirt, growing flowers, vegetables, herbs. I love watching all the wild critters outside our home..we are so lucky to have 4 acres of wooded area. It's awesome to see deer, turkeys, and all the different birds.

So there's my want to keep the meme going give me a comment and I'll pass on a letter to ya.


ian said...

Nicely done! I'd offer to do one, but you already saw mine I think.

I'm a Star Wars geek too. My first novel was a piece of SW fanfic (if you ever want to read it, you're welcome to - be warned, it's a cruddy first-draft and will probably never see the light of day).


Bernie said...

That's great LeeAndra! (And I completely understand 7 and 8 and I think 6 may be the coolest thing on your list) Let's see if anyone continues this.

LeeAndra said...

Thanks both of you, I thought this was a interesting thing to do. Ian, I've read a few of the SW novels..but I never really got totally into them. The last ones I read were the Bounty Hunter Trilogy books about Boba Fett. *he's one of my fav characters*

B - I hope someone does continue it, I often wonder how many folks are actually reading my blog..

LeeAndra said...

I - I didn't mean I didn't want to or wouldn't want to read your work...I think it would be cool to read. I was just saying that I haven't read that many of the SW novels. *Didn't want you to think I was dissing ya, cause I wasn't*