Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rites of "Passy"ge

Well, I am finally back and have some time to write. We had a marvelous vacation on the Gulf Coast. We went to Dauphin Island, AL on the "Redneck Riviera". The girls had a blast and LOVED it so much they didn't want to come home. I will elaborate more on vacation later...

Today we are discussing milestones and rites of passage. On Tuesday, we got rid of all the pacifiers in the house. In honor of this momentous occasion we held a "Passy Party". What, you may ask, is a "Passy Party"? It was our way to make a big deal out of getting rid of the dang things without too much fuss and screaming.

It included all the classic rituals: The Putting of the Passy's into the Sacred Baby Bag, The Sharing of Cake and Sherbert, The Singing of Songs Made Up on the Spot, AND...the most important..... The Trading of the Bags in the Mailbox.

Basically, we told the girls that all the passys had to be given to the new babies at the hospital and that the new babies would give them a present for their passys. Kenzie seemed to accept this story, and hasn't fussed too much. Lyanna has no clue what has happend and is still pretty pissed off when she doesn't get her pass for bedtime.

For a few chuckles here is the festive occasion caught on video.

r:#330099;">This video is about five minutes after the Passy Party.....poor little things.


velvet said...

I'm having flashbacks to when we evicted our sons from their diapers. I think I'm developing post traumatic stress syndrome. LOL

Poor girls! (but necessary, I know) I hope they were able to recover... and you, as well!

Bernie said...

Cool party.

But the amazing this is that you went to Dauphin Island!! I used to go camping there in the 70s. I loved it. I remember a state park with camping grounds and some kind of lighthouse or military installation next to the park. And a nice beach. I thought a hurricane had destroyed the whole place years ago. Happy to hear it's still there.

sherryandkaty said...

hehehe, I finally watched the vids! "Look, the babies knew you liked ponies!" Pony hits table as Lyanna spies suckers, sucker goes in the mouth, wrapper and all... Hilarious! The second video makes me so glad I took my kids' 'binkies' away at about 6 months. I have a neighbor whose 4 year old still walks around with a binkie in her mouth 24/7.