Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This is too funny not to share. We took the girls to the Aquatic Center the other day. It was their first time to go anywhere like that and we were curious as to how they would react.

Lyanna LOVED it. She never wanted to get out of the water and she got pissed if you tried to hold her and keep her afloat. She had a blast.

Kenzie...well, I'll let you see for yourself (it is translated below):

"AAAAAHhhhhhhhhh, I got all wet!"

"You got all wet?"

"eh huh"

"Did you jump in?"

"uh, huhhhhhhh, uh huhhhhh!"

"you did?"

"You want to get back in?"

"NOoooooooo! Uhhhhhhhh!"

She wouldn't even stick her toe in the water after that. We did manage to get her to sit on the little frog that sprayed water, but only after the water was off. She has this insane fear of sprinklers and misters....go figure. It should be very interesting to see how she reacts to the beach on Saturday. Wish us luck!


elizinashe said...

OH MY GOD!!! That is sooo funny!! Such a tragedy!! Kenzie will so hate you when she gets older for showing that! You must show everyone that you can!! ha-ha. I'm sure your parents had something embarrassing that you did to show off!! I have to watch that again!! Poor thing...

ian said...

Hehehe. Kenzie and I are kindred souls, I think. I hate going to swimming pools.

Anyway, I got around to doing your interview finally - it's on my blog today. :)


sherryandkaty said...

Poor baby! ROFLMAO! Hope she does better at the beach!

velvet girl said...

Sounds like my kids! My younger son is a total water lover, but my older son? Let's just say that swim lessons were a total and embarrassing disaster.

Hope you had better luck at the beach!