Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"O My God"

So went to see a little group called THE POLICE Monday night in Cleveland.

The concert was AWESOME!!

I still can not believe I was there, that I saw them, and that I heard them live....I have managed to see the #2 group of my list of bands I never got to see!

I had chill bumps when the lights went down and being the total dork that I am...I cried when they came on stage and started playing. It was a very emotional concert for me...

I suppose it's because I had always thought I had missed my opportunity. I would never get to see The Police in concert. The concert was a lifetime wish come true. I know that sounds so goofy...but it's the truth. When I got my first CD player for Christmas way back when, Synchronicity was one of the three CD's I got with it.

The concert reviews had all been sort of negative up til now. They all complained that the songs were too slow, the guys weren't playing together, they didn't seem to be enjoying themselves...

Not this time: The Cleveland show has gotten rave reviews. Everyone who had been to previous concerts said the Cleveland show was the best so far. I know I thought it rocked!! It was also Stewart Copeland's birthday. Everyone in the crowd seemed to be on their feet the whole time, the guys played pretty tight, only a couple of screw ups and I think once or twice they were messing with each other. Stewart is awesome on the percussion, if you get a chance to go to one of the concerts you have to keep your eye on him.

I stood up when the lights went down and never sat back down til we got in the cab to go back to the airport. So depressing that it was over.....

Here's the set list for those of you interested:

1. Message in a Bottle

2. Synchronicity II

3. Walking On The Moon

4. Voices Inside My Head/When The World Is Running Down

5. Don't Stand So Close To Me

6. Driven To Tears

7. Truth Hits Everybody

8. Bed's Too Big Without You

9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

10. Wrapped Around Your Finger

11. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

12. Invisible Sun

13. Walking In Your Footsteps

14. Can't Stand Losing You

15. Roxanne

16. King Of Pain

17. So Lonely

18. Every Breath You Take

19. Next To You/Dead End Job

I am sooooo happy that I am going to see them again in New York. I can't wait!!!! *said while mentally jumping up and down* It's like being 15 again.....

I don't have any pics for you because we don't know how to get them off the camera. Hee Hee! I'll do better for the New York concert.


elizinashe said...

OH MY GOD!! I am soo jealous!! How did you not rush the stage?? Sting is so yummy!! I'd like to practice some of that tantric yoga sex with him!! There's still the New York show right?? I expect to see you on CNN in regards to the rabid fan jumping on stage!!
ha-ha. I love you!! eliz :)

Bernie said...

Jealous jealous jealous. I've seen Sting but not the Police. I wanted to go to at least one of their concerts, but early on I decided it was not worth the price that even the cheapest venue would cost. And my usual ticket connections were unable to help me with this one, even though they work for the company that is handling the tour. Oh well.

Their performance at Live Earth was great.

Lee said...

Eliza - I know...he still looks really good, but is starting to show his age. His eyes are still such a gorgeous blue, when I finally realized that their were HUGE screens overhead to see the guys up close, I had a hard time not staring at those eyes. *yes I was so into seeing them on stage that I totally forgot about the screens over head. Hee hee!*

Bernie - I know what you mean about ticket prices. My husband is very awesome and bought our NY tickets for me for Valentine's Day, the Cleveland show was a bonus because it was just so close we couldn't pass it up. NY tickets were actually cheaper than Cleveland. It is worth every penny we spent though. I'm still all giddy over having gone. I'm such a dork.