Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where's a Doctor When You Need One?

I am disgusted and frustrated with the doctors in my area. It is a disgrace how they handle things here.

My OB/GYN moved to California shortly after Lyanna was born. She recommended two doctors at the same hospital but that was about it. I have tried for two years now to get in to see either of them. It has been impossible. One receptionist tells me every time I call to call back in three months.....after doing this 3 times and still not getting an appointment, I hung up on her today. The other one says she is booked til NEXT JULY!!! A whole year.....how ridiculous is that?!?

Her receptionist did tell me that I could keep calling back every day and if there was a cancellation I could get in then.... joy. Now, the really sad thing is: if I was pregnant they would get me in immediately. I thought I might lie to get in and see one....and then just say I must have been mistaken.

I don't really want to go see any of the other OB/GYNs around here because I just haven't heard that great of recommendations about them. One clinic is just a group thing and you never see the same person...it's just the luck of the draw. The other prominent doc is too into C-sections and inductions and I'm just not all about that. So....who knows what I'm going to do...for now I guess I'll just put my phone on speeddial for the one.

In a bleh mood tonight. The girls didn't take a nap today so I'm a little mentally tired. They get really spastic when they haven't had a nap and I get irritable. There is only so much screaming and crying and craziness a person can take in one day... Kenzie and I did make cute pink frosted cupcakes tonight. Too bad I can't eat any.......

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