Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Stuff...Again not feeling like I have much to say tonight. Brad has gone to Arkansas for his 20th class reunion. I stayed home because I have things to do to get ready for Bible School at church next week. That should be interesting, but I refuse to talk about it here on the grounds that I just don't want to talk about church stuffage here. So there...

Took the girls to Mc D's, known in our household as "Boys", to wear them out so they would go to bed tonight. It seemed to have worked well. They are both passed out cold upstairs and I'm having some nice quiet time. I don't know why they call Mc Donald's "Boys". That is what Kenzie has called it since she could talk....wierd I know. She also thinks Grimace is Henry the Octopus from "The Wiggles"....go figure...she's two.

In my quest to lost the hideous baby fat I put on since having two babies in less than a year...I joined Weight Watchers. This will be my second full week. I go for weigh in tomorrow. I did pretty well the first week and lost a whole pound and a half....I don't know about this week. I didn't do as well..... made cup cakes for the girls and ate one.... *big sigh here*.... sometimes you gotta go for the pink frosting.

I am diligently exercising every day during the week. Doing pretty well, and have a whole routine in the mornings now. I rotate between aerobic and a combo of aerobic/weights. I am determined to get back my pre baby figure!!

One week til we go to New York to see The Police at The Garden. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! This is the summer of concerts for is our list for the summer..ending in September:

1. Rush - Pittsburgh
2. The Police - Cleveland
3. The Police - New York
4. Dave Matthews - Pittsburgh
5. The Wiggles - Colombus *I'm counting them for the girls*
6. Scorpions - somewhere close to Detroit

Pretty good summer...I tried to talk Brad into going to some more but he said no way..besides it's too hard to make sure we have a sitter each time... I can't wait til we can start taking the girls with us to some of these...besides "The Wiggles". Ha!

I don't think I've put up any pics from any of the concerts yet. I have one of Brad and I from the Rush show...I'll leave you with a couple of those.


ian said...

I love the rotisserie ovens behind Geddy! How was the show? Tell me tell me tell me! I get to see them in 11 days!


velvet said...

The shows look like fun! Music is really best seen live. :)

Good luck with your baby-weight loss program! I gained 45 pounds during each pregnancy. I was able to get it off the first time, but it really didn't stick until the second time. I finally got sick of it all, put down the fork and got moving. You sound like you're on the right track! Keep up the good work!

Lee said...

Thanks Velvet! I'm continuing to lose...let's hope the trend keeps up!