Thursday, June 07, 2007

Welcomes and Introductions

If you happen to ever look at my links on the sidebar over there ----->

You will see I have two new additions. One is "Just Another Mommy". This is my friend Sherry. I have known her since I was in high school. Maybe even jr. high. That is a long time for us....

Sherry is a very cool person and through the wonders of the internet we have been able to reconnect after many years. It's not really another mommy blog...her first post I believe is about an encounter with a snake and a lawnmower. Go check it out.

The second addition: "Still Learning About Myself" is one of my BESTEST friends in the whole wide world. She is my college roomie and partner in crime from those days.

She is a very funny, interesting, and eccentric in an extremely groovy way kind of person. You should definitely go and read her stuff. I bet it will be so much more interesting than mine....maybe. Ha!

Anyway..I will be posting something new and interesting soon. Summer is busy time for us...

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sherryandkaty said...

Thanks for the intro!

Band camp is at UA Monticello this year. Kids from northeast Texas and Arkansas as far north as Stuttgart go there.

Only band camp I ever went to was at McNeese State U in Lake Charles, LA. It was like 6 blocks from my house, so I didn't get to stay in the dorms away from my parents for a week lol. I was flag line. I moved here later that year (1985) and 9th grade wasn't high school anymore :( Now it is again lol.