Monday, June 18, 2007

I was a Techno freaky girl....

So I have started working out again. This means that I need motivating music. In my quest to download music on i-tunes I ended up back in the techno world...

In the early 90's I lived in Little Rock. I had my own apartment and was going to nursing school. Yeah, I know....I was in nursing school. Hard to believe isn't it.

One of my best friends from high school was also living there and she and I had a BLAST! We went "clubbing" at least 4 times a week. I don't have any idea how I did and managed to keep a Four point in my classes but I was young and crazy.

The best club in Little Rock was *and still is I think* Discovery. It was considered a gay club, but EVERYBODY went on Saturday nights. There was a dance floor on one side, games and crap in the middle and a stage on the other side where they had drag shows. It was THE place to be on Saturdays. During that time Techno was the "in" thing. That was all they played at Discovery....I still love listening to some of it...makes me want to get up and shake my groove thing...I've downloaded a shitload of it for my workout playlist.

Let's see, where else did we go... Our Wednesday night place was called Reunion. We knew everyone who worked there. Wednesday was ladies night so it was always packed. Because we were such the club regulars we NEVER stood in line there. It was pretty sweet to just walk past everyone and get ushered in by the door dude.

Thursdays.... I think we went to the bar at a place called Cajun's Wharf. It was an excellent seafood restaurant, but we couldn't afford to eat there, we just hung out at the bar.....they usually had live bands.

Fridays were kind of wierd. There really wasn't anywhere to go on Fridays. Sometimes we went to Reunion again, sometimes to a place called My Generation. Alot of times Friday's we just hung out with friends.

Sunday nights...we went to the Country Western club. BJ's Honky was not country western on Sundays. They had "The Duck Races" on Sundays. Cracks me up just thinking about it. You know those carnival games where you pick the duck. Those were what they had. Everyone picked a duck and they let them all race and the person who's duck won the race got free shots. There was a whole routine to it. Everyone knew all the duck's names, and it was announced just like a the horse races. I wish I could remember some of the names....

Anyway...listening to the techno made me remember all these fun fun!

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sherryandkaty said...

I remember going to Discovery! That place was a blast! I probably didn't go more than 4 or 5 times. And I was underage.... I have (somewhere) a tshirt from there, if I ever find it, I'll take a pic in it and post it! Fun times!