Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Being a mom, I have to show off my kids sometimes.

Here are two new videos of the girls.

The first one is at a local playground. The second is from Memorial Day Weekend at the zoo.

We had a blast at the zoo! The Colombus zoo rocks!! Jack Hanna has made it an awesome place to visit and learn about the animals of our world. We've been twice now and still haven't managed to see the whole zoo.

Kenzie's favorite things were the bears and the carousel. Lyanna liked the penguins and the model of the universe inside the reptile house...we actually lost her in there...scary moment for us...but there she was laying on the floor looking up at the sun and moon. Go figure...

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velvet girl said...

I used to live in Columbus and the zoo really is fantastic. It sure beats the zoos that we have here in our area!

Cute videos. Your daughters are really lovely! :)